Family Picture Time: November 2011!

The past few days for me have been filled with family, Black Friday shopping with my mom, time with the kids and of course, lots of yummy foods! Dean and I are lucky to say that both of our families live in the Indy area, so we didn't have to travel too far-just different sides of the city for Thanksgiving.  We took lots of group family photos for the holidays as we always love to get when we all get together.  We always love getting to spend time with our families and love them so much.
The month of November is almost over and we are headed to December!?!? I can't believe it is the holiday season.  I can't believe that Owen will be 21 months old and Gracie will be 5 months old this December! Owen is always surprising us with new things he has learned-occasionally throwing in new words that are stored in that smart little brain of his.  He is such a great observer and loves to do his own things and just takes it all in.  He is a little sponge and especially loves following daddy around with whatever he is doing.  Owen loves entertaining Gracie and trying to get her to laugh. He loves to bother our two dogs, much to their dislike, they do put up with him climing on them and playing. Gracie ate off a spoon this week and is kicking and starting to roll over.  She is a sweet baby we love when she is giggling, smiling (and not crying-hee hee)!  She has been a big stinker with her teeth starting to come in, so we are ready for this phase of her growth to go away!! 
As the kids are growing so fast, I am always trying to make sure we get a family picture to capture the kids growth. It is always hard to know what the kids will do for our photos. Lately, Owen has been the stinker with our big group photos and not wanting to cooperate. It has lead to a few meltdowns (My husband and I call that Owen Personality "Meltdown Marvin" - so Marvin has visited us a few times lately with all the family photos! Hee hee)  I absolutely love what I do and very much appreciate the amount of time I get to spend at home with the family and watching the kids grow and develop.  
As I am wrapping up almost all of my shooting for this year, I am reflecting on what a year it has been!!!  Having Gracie in July has been an awesome addition to the family.  Going from 1 kid to 2 kids has been an adjustment, but definitely one that I love.  Getting my new office in August at the We Do! Professional Centre has been awesome and I love meeting my brides, grooms and their families there.  It has been so nice and I am blessed to be at such a great place full of lots of wedding and event specialists.  I love all my We Do! office neighbors.  Dean and I have been going to church more this year with the kids and look forward to more time there and get more involved.  I finished out the season with lots of weddings and a bunch of awesome fall shoots and even had the opportunity to travel to San Diego for an awesome photography conference!  It was such a great learning experience and very inspirational.  The past few weeks have been spent editing, posting, spending time with family, working on albums and booking weddings for 2012.  With the whirlwind year I have had, I really hope (and need) to clean out/re-organize my office (and kitchen table!!). After all the great foods this week, I hope to get back into my exercising too.  I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months, not only for more holiday celebrations, yummy foods, lots of awesome family time but also to have time to continue to re-group and re-organize my business before next year’s busy season!

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and were able to relax, have fun, spend time with family/friends, and most of all, thank God for all that you have been blessed with!  XXOO, Kristin


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