Photo Conference in San Diego!

San Diego . . . What a blast! Here is my photo of our gorgeous view this week. I attended the Pictage & ShootQ PartnerCon Conference in San Diego this week. I got to hang out with and learn from some really cool photographers from across the country. It was inspiring, it was educational, and it was a blast!! I have a notebook full of items and ideas that I would like to do, try and incorporate into my photo business.

My husband and I just flew into the Indy airport tonight at Midnight! It was pretty funny to be coming home and having to get our scrapper out to get rid of the ice and snow on our car's windshield. We can't wait to see our kiddos, Owen & Gracie!!! Special thanks to my mother-in-law, my mom and sister, Shannon, for all their efforts and coordination in watching our kids so that we could go! We appreciate it so much. We had a blast in San Diego, but we are ready to get a get a few squeezes from the kids and have the family time back. Talking to a 19 month old on the phone and receiving pictures on the phone just isn't the same!

I cannot say enough about all the photographers I met and all the inspiration I received. I have a great new batch of photographers to network with and bounce ideas off of whenever I need anything. And who knows when we will be back in San Diego again, so we did live it up-hee hee. What fun! XXOO, Kristin

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