Wedding Re-Do: Colorful Wedding Shoes!!

Having been married for over 5 & 1/2 years now, I am definitely enjoying married life! However, being in the wedding business, there are always those details that you see along the way that you LOVE!! I always see those items and details that I would have loved to know about, thought about or incorporated into my own wedding day. There are those items you see that you would add to your wedding day if you could go back and "Re-Do" something on your own wedding. This is a segment of my blog that I am going to call 'Wedding Re-Do!!' As I see those details that I would love to "Re-Do" if I could have done them at my own wedding, I will keep you posted . . .

This time I wanted to talk about SHOES! I LOVE colorful shoes and have a love of shoes. I am definitely partial to taking shoe pictures at the wedding, because they make for such fun wedding pictures. I love shoes that make a statement!  Below are a few of my favorite shoes from recent weddings I photographed this summer . . .
So fun!!!  XXOO, Kristin


  1. Wow! The bride is so cool in her wedding dress and shoe.

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