Adopt-a-Family Gift Wrapping!

Today was an awesome day!  I always love getting together with my family, but adding our family friends, the DiBlasios, in there too is even better!!  We did miss Loni, Todd & Jim though.  :(  But we were thinking about you.  This get together always has special meaning for me, because we did all the wrapping of the gifts for our Adopt-A-Family!!  It is a special time of year to be able to give back and think about a family that is going to have a better Christmas because of you.  Today we wrapped all the presents and tied most with bows and made them pretty.  Owen was checking everything out in the above picture.  So now we have all the gift packages wrapped and bagged for each of the kids and ready for their delivery.   

One of the highlights of the day was Ava (my almost 8-year-old niece tomorrow) holding up a brush and saying, "Who is going to want a hairbrush for Christmas?"  It was just funny to see a kids perspective on things and remember that we don't always get the games and toys, but also the stuff you need.  Luke, my almost 3 year old nephew wanted to open the 'Angry Birds' Game and didn't want to wrap up all the goodies before attempting to try to play with them first before they were taken away from him.  Owen didn't seem to interested in the gifts, but loved watching everyone and giving us all "knuckles."  Gracie was a good girl and just watched us, played with her toes, ate and sat there looking pretty.  Thank you to my mom and Jean (DiBlasio) for all they did to make today happen.  I always love getting to see the Dibble Girls!!  Such a fun get together with a great cause with a yummy lunch and treats too! 
I want to take this opportunity to thank God for our two little munchkins!!  We are so thankful for what we have and being able to show our kids what love and family is all about.  This is Gracie's first Christmas so we are especially looking forward to spending time with the family this holiday season.  Although she is teething and can be a little stinker at times, we love her sweet smiles and coos.  She is starting to roll over, reach for things and will be mobile very soon.  So having to watch where we set her down.  
Owen is so funny and cracking us up with his occasional new words.  He loves his stuffed animals and misses all his outside time, but we try to get him out when we can.  He loves giving "knuckles" and high fives and follows his daddy around everywhere.  Owen seems to have processes and certain systems for everything, so it is funny to see what he comes up with all the time.  He is definitely a thinker and in the below picture is concentrating very hard as he stands things up on his fire truck. 
Eventually I will post more pictures from my camera from this fall, but for now here are a few photos from the phone because that is all I had time for today-hee hee.  :)  Thanks for reading and listening!!  I hope you and your family, amidst the hustle and bustle, have an amazing holiday season and can take some time to stop and enjoy this special time of year!!!  XXOO, Kristin

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