Favorite Things: Long-to-Short Convertible Bridesmaids Dresses!

This 'Favorite Things' Blog post is inspired by this weekends' bridesmaids dresses at Lindsay & Ryan's wedding!!  They had the bridesmaids in long-to-short purple convertible bridesmaids dresses.  When the bridesmaids entered the reception, they all entered with their short bridesmaids dresses!  However, during all the pictures before the reception, the girls all sported their long gowns!  What a fun idea.  If you are having trouble deciding on long or short bridesmaids dresses, what a great option!  I could also see going the opposite way and sport the short-to-long look if you were having and outdoor summer ceremony and a more formal indoor wedding reception!!
And the short look for the reception!  :) 

Such a great idea, had to share as one of my favorite things.  Enjoy your week.  XXOO, Kristin


  1. I have some crazy eyes in that bottom picture...haha or maybe I was dizzy from watching them spin? ;)

  2. where can I find this type of dress?


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