Personal Project: Hornberger Imports Mission Statement!

Well, one of my latest projects was for my husband's business with a revised mission statement.  As some of you may or may not know, we have a vehicle repair shop in Beech Grove that my husband, Dean, works very hard everyday.  We started the company in 2006 when we closed on the land and property while on our honeymoon.  Hornberger Imports is located at 520 N. 11th Ave., Beech Grove, IN 46107.   They specialize in Import repairs, but work on all vehicles.

Recently, we decided to come up with a revised mission statement and, with a little collaborative family revision help, here is what we came up with:

Hornberger Imports specializes in the unique challenges of luxury vehicles.  Our mission is to provide straightforward, highly-skilled and fairly-priced automotive maintenance with great customer service and to always deliver or present the honest truth.  As a family-owned local business, we have created the foundation and ongoing motivation for our claim to leadership in the automotive-repair industry in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Not only do we try to assist our clients in understanding their vehicles, we want them to thoroughly enjoy the ride and be confident that they have received the best service that we can provide.
If you are in need of any vehicle repair services, please give Dean a call.  He is very helpful, honest and knowledgable!

Hornberger Imports, Inc.
520 N. 11th Ave., Beech Grove, IN 46107
(317) 788-0212

XXOO, Kristin

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