Owen & Gracie Pictures!

I was going through some pictures of Owen and Gracie and thought I needed to post a few.  It has been awhile since I posted any of my little cutie pies.  Owen is getting closer to 2 & 1/2 years old and Gracie will be turning 1 year old on July 10th.  Owen is definitely been my little helper and loves his little projects.  He started pre-school two days a week for a few hours and seems to be doing well.  He loves getting to play with the other kids.  We are trying to work on his words so he can communicate what he wants.  We are trying to get him to share with Gracie more, but some times that doesn't always go well as Gracie is crawling and pulling herself up.  She is loving to babble and loves repeating what we are saying and doing.  She currently is saying (or whispering) the words Hi, Happy, Mamma, Daddy, "O" for Owen and usually a few new sounds every day.  They both love being outside and we all like to spend our evenings outside just hanging out.  Here are just a few recent pictures of my favorite photo subjects, Owen and Gracie . . .
XXOO, Kristin

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