Your Favorite Engagement Photos: Tara & Jack!

I have really LOVED getting to hear from my brides and groom about which engagement photos are their favorite and why they like them on my Blog Segment called "Your Favorite Engagement Photos!"  It has been so fun to hear from my couples which pictures they like best and the reasons why.  I love the insight and getting to know them and their styles a little better before the wedding!
Tara and Jack let me know their favorite photos recently and I wanted to share, but first I have to say that I have absolutely loved working with Tara and Jack so far.  I can't wait for their August wedding!!! They are so fun and such great people.  Okay, so now onto their favorite engagement pictures . . . They love this one below "Because it's silly & fun and the name we will share soon."
Tara loves this photo below, "Because of Jack's action helping me into the boat like he usually does even though I feel I don't need it."  Such a gentleman!  
Tara loves the photo below, "In the boat which he proposed with the champagne bottle he brought out to celebrate..."  I love that we got to re-enact the moment for our engagement photo shoot! 
Tara and Jack love this photo below because it represents the "silly fun we have & we are in the boat on the lake where we have spent so much time (even in the winter months) . . . our first year living in Indy we were out in the boat every month except February because it was frozen over.  By the lake is also where we will be married, overlooking the water . . ."  What a blast and such a fun couple.  
Congratulations, Tara & Jack.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I can't wait for your wedding.  Enjoy your engagement.  XXOO, Kristin

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