Corey + Marc = Married!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kristensen!  I can not say enough about what gorgeous and super fun wedding you two had.  I am so happy and excited to get to photograph your beautiful wedding photos.  I will always remember our initial meeting from a little over a year now that we started planning your wedding day photos (as it was easy to remember being pregnant with our daughter, Gracie, that was due the following week and glad that you, Corey, and Gracie, share the same birthday!)  I can't say enough about what an honor it was for me to be a part of it all.  You two have definitely done a lot in the last year and I have been happy to see how happy you guys are and what a great couple and family you make.  You two are wonderful and so much fun.  Trevor, Bella and Eli could not have been more amazing!  They all were on their best behavior and you made it so special for them by incorporating them into so many of the details.  Corey and Marc, you two bring out the best in each other and the love you have for one another is amazing.  I know your rose petal curtain in the chapel was a lot of work in the creation and then ironing them, but they were so GORGEOUS for the pictures and made for a breathtaking back drop to the touching and amazing heart-felt ceremony Ed performed!  I love that you two, Corey and Marc, have super huge hearts with lots of love for all of those around them.  Just the fact that you took time out of your busy reception to thank all of those around you tells us how much you care about others.  We all wish you the very best and can't wait to see all that you accomplish together.  I could not be happier for you two.  Thank you for letting all of us around you be a part of your big day. 

Ceremony: The Chapel at Ritz Charles
Reception: Ritz Charles
DJ and MC: Jason Fritz with Pro-Sound Entertainment
Floral: Kathy's Kloset of Flowers
Rose Petal Curtain: Homemade by Corey and Marc
Food Stations and Mini Sweets:  Ritz Charles Catering
Wedding Cake:  Taylor's Bakery
Photo Booth: Top Hat Photo Booth
Photographed by Kristin and Lori Thetford

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding day and a little more about their love story . . .

Corey and Marc met via his sister-in-law, Amy.  Amy and Corey struck up a friendship as a result of their mutual friend/realtor, Rada.  In October 2008, Mike and Amy had one of there infamous Halloween parties.  Corey was prodded by Amy to come and meet Marc.  According to Marc, "Corey by far had the best costume of the evening...a working Franzia box of wine!" and he also added that pictures were available upon request-ha!  This was the first time Corey and Marc met and they continued to see each other at other functions at Mike and Amy's house.  Finally in March 2009, Corey came to Marc's Birthday party at Mike and Amy's.  Corey and Marc really hit it off and their friendship grew from there.  They continued to spend more and more time together over the course of the next several months.  Eventually, they realized that they simply could not live without each other and had to spend as much time together as possible. 
Three of the biggest joys of Corey's life come in the form of three amazing kiddos. Trevor, who has a small close group of friends who enjoy gaming, movies, and camping. Isabella (Bella), plays travel softball, is a stellar student, and has Corey's strong (stubborn) personality. Her youngest, Eli, is her silly, extremely athletic, cuddle bug. He is a whole bunch of personality bundled into a small little guy.  Trevor, Bella and Eli definitely keep Marc and Corey busy and they love every minute of it!
Marc has had many incredible opportunities and travel experiences in his life.  Corey and Marc travel often and enjoy every new adventure.  One of their favorite vacation spots is Door County, Wisconsin.  For those who may not be familiar with Door County, Marc and Corey often referred to as 'Heaven on Earth'.  Marc has been traveling there with his family since he was a small baby.  Marc is happy to say that Corey, the kids, and he will be continuing to spend many, many more years visiting their slice of Heaven. 
The Proposal happened on Friday, May 27, 2011.  Corey and Marc decided to travel to their favorite vacation spot Door County, Wisconsin over Memorial Weekend 2011. Beginning in February 2011, they had searched several jewelry stores looking for exactly what she wanted and had envisioned in an engagement ring.  They finally chose to create a custom ring, which she instantly fell in love with.  The only set back was that it was less than four weeks until their planned trip to Wisconsin, but the jeweler was rather confident the ring would be completed in time before their planned trip.  Corey knew that Marc was planning on proposing on the trip, but she did not know where or when.  She had waited so patiently (a whole 36 hours) after arriving in Door County.  She even jokingly told me that I better not wait until the last day of our trip for him to ask her.  They had an incredible day, they traveled to Fish Creek for lunch at the Gibralter Grill and went to Cana Island Lighthouse later that afternoon.  The weather was just warm enough to wear shorts (quite rare that time of year in Door County).  On Friday evening, they had dinner overlooking Green Bay at one of their favorite local restaurant, The Shoreline (or affectionately known as Mary's).  After dinner they had decided to go to a local bar known as La Puerta Cantina.  On the way, Marc knew they would be passing a very well kept secret in Ellison Bay.  It is known as the Ellison Bay Park.  In Marc's 37 years, he had only been to this secluded park once.  After that first visit Marc had, he knew this was a very special spot.  When Corey and Marc began discussing marriage, he knew that this would be the spot he would "pop the question."   As the sun began to set over Green Bay, Marc pulled the ring from his pocket and got down on his knee.  He asked Corey if she would do him the honor of being his wife.  It was a special moment that they won't forget. 
They began planning the wedding shortly after. Marc said, "I am so excited and anxious to get married to Corey.  There is nothing more than I could ever ask for in a partner, companion, love, and soon wife!!!  Corey is such an amazing person.  She is my best friend and to use a line from the movie 'Jerry McGuire,' 'She completes me'."  Corey and Marc were so honored to have their very special family member conducting the ceremony and excited to exchange their vows in the company of their friends and family.  Marc and Corey said, "Though we have done a lot to make the ceremony extremely special and specific to the joining of our lives together; don't worry, we will keep it fairly short and sweet!" For their wedding reception, they pulled out all the stops!  It was amazing.  They encouraged their guests to "get a baby sitter, put on your dancing shoes, and join us as we celebrate this exciting event."  And they definitely did have an amazingly fun reception! 
I loved Corey and Marc's use of a crossword puzzle in the program!  They put fun facts about how they met, key facts in their relationship, etc. as the answers.  They even provided a pink pencil.  So cute.
I LOVE this idea of the custom ring bearer football!  Corey's son, Eli, carried this football down the aisle with the rings attached.  Corey and Marc surprised him with this special gift and he loved carrying it down the aisle.  Such a cute idea, you two!
 I LOVE candles for the ceremony!  It definitely set the mood and ambiance for a super fun, but very elegant affair!
 What a cutie!
Corey and Marc made this gorgeous rose curtain backdrop for the chapel.  It was a absolutely beautiful for the pictures!! 
After their preparation, it was finally time for Corey and Marc to see each other for the first time.  Corey really loved walking down and getting to see and talk to Marc after all the anxiety and emotions.  It was definitely a special moment and one that they won't soon forget.  It was great that they got to enjoy the moment, talk, hug and just be themselves for a few minutes between the two of them before all of the hustle and bustle of the day. 
 And the moment arrives for the ceremony to start . . .
Corey's oldest son, Trevor, walked her down the aisle . . . I loved this . . .
 I especially love that Eli and Marc were waiting at the end of the aisle together with Bella also there on the girls' side.  I loved that they incorporated the kids into some of the key parts of the wedding . . .
I LOVE the candles in the aisle!!
 Mr. & Mrs. Kristensen!  So happy . . .
The beautiful Ritz Charles wedding reception setup.  Love the silver chiavari chairs!  Gorgeous with Kathy's Kloset centerpieces alternated per table with three different selections.  It was such a super fun reception and everyone had such a blast . . .
 Yummy Ritz Charles mini sweets for guests to enjoy with their cake.  Yum!
 And then Corey and Marc had their first dance . . .
 Little did the guests know that Corey had put on her Bedazzled Chuck Taylors during dinner for their first dance . . .
 They surprised everyone with an awesome specially choreographed first dance.  Corey, Marc, me, their DJ, and their choreographer are the only ones that knew it was coming, so it was awesome.  They are not huge dancers, so they really surprised everyone with how much they had learned.  It was awesome . . .
Corey and Marc took took a moment to thank everyone for coming and for helping make their wedding day so special . . .
Corey and Marc had a photo booth and used that as their guest book at the wedding!  They had little frames for each guest at the placesettings to put their photo strip inside to take home and the duplicate copy was for Corey and Marc to put in their guest book.  Super cute and so much fun for the guests! 
Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Kristensen!!!  Thank you again for letting me be a part of your wedding day photos!  I had a blast and couldn't be happier for you.  If you would like to view Corey and Marc's wedding pictures, click on this link:

Thanks again!  Enjoy married life.  XXOO, Kristin

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  1. krizin. you are amazing. i don't know how you find the time to have a blog, but i am so glad that you do! it was really neat to read about a love story, along with seeing all of your talent. your pictures are beautiful. you know i have always thought so, but i want to reiterate it to you! you are so good at what you do! i know that when i am lucky enough to walk down an aisle, i want you to take the pictures! i love you so much! and can't even express how much i admire you. and, congratulations to marc and corey! what a beautiful couple with a beautiful love story. xoxo! love, Sarza


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