ISES Event at The Children's Museum!

Thursday Night's ISES Indiana (International Special Event Society) Fast and Furious Summer Kick-Off Event was amazing! I was honored to be their event photography sponsor for this awesome event.  We all loved the five different event "pit stops" at the different exhibits at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  It was fun to see how the food and beverage selections were paired within each of  the Children's Museum exhibits and how each exhibit was beautifully uniquely decorated with gorgeous tablecloths to compliment each exhibit.  

It was so fun to mingle and network with friends and make new connections.  It was such a blast and we thank all of our wonderful sponsors for helping put together a wonderful event! The event was sponsored by several ISES Indiana members and they included:
We started off in the Dinosphere Exhibit with Hibiscus Champagne, Ginger Shrimp Wontons, Lemon Ricotta Croustade with Basil and Acai Honey.  We then moved to the All Aboard! and Fireworks of Glass Exhibit with Lime Gin Fizz, Sweet Pea Shooter with Pancetta Crisp and Infused Cayenne Cheese Straw, and Mango Curry Shooter with Cilantro Sprig and Creme Fraiche.   We then visited the ScienceWorks Exhibit with Carrot Martinis and Zucchini Fettuccini with Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Then off to Take Me There: Egypt Exhibit with Dukkah Crusted Lamb Kababos, Za'atar Halloumi Pizzette, Kibbeh Kabobs with Fresh Lemon, and Meza Table.  And then a crowd favorite with the new Hot Wheels for Real Exhibit with Checkerboard Cookies & Victory Milk and S'mores.  Chaircovers and Linens' did an amazing job providing great tablecloths for each of the awesome themes. So fun! 

Thank you to ALL of you who attended the event and thanks again to our sponsors!

I am very honored to say that I am now on the ISES Indiana Board of Directors!!!  We made it official on Thursday as I and the rest of the ISES Indiana Board Members (July 2012 - June 2013) were officially sworn in. We missed Kate Bergland while she was on vacation. 
Decorating your own hot wheels was so fun and definitely a crowd pleaser in the new hot wheels car exhibit.
Thank you again to all you came!  I am looking forward to, hopefully, seeing all of my event friends at the two upcoming August ISES Events: Wednesday, August 22nd ISES Luncheon at the NCAA Hall of Champions and Monday Evening, August 27th ISES at Victory Field for the Indians Game.

XXOO, Kristin

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