Your Favorite Engagement Photo: Stephanie + Sam!

I absolutely love Stephanie and Sam.  I had a blast taking their engagement pictures last summer when Sam was home from his military leave.  What a super sweet couple.  I wanted to share Stephanie and Sam's favorite engagement photos!!  I love hearing which pictures they like the best.  
Stephanie said, "I actually have three favorites!  One is the one of me and Sam kneeling down in front of flowers.  Sam is looking at the camera and I am looking away laughing at our antics.  I LOVE that photo because I think it showcases just how happy we are and it is very uninhibited in both of our faces exactly how we feel in that moment.  I think we both look happy and silly and content which about sums us up."
"The second is the one on the front page of our engagement album.  We are standing in front of the waterfall downtown and the color saturation you did is beautiful.  I think we both look healthy and happy and like two kids very much in love.  It was a beautiful day which reflected just how blessed we are in many ways."
"Lastly I love the picture of the two of us on the cobblestone walkway as Samuel is picking me up and we are kissing and one of my legs is bent in the air.  I love that picture because it is very romantic and beautiful not to mention whimiscal in a way and I fell how much we love one another in that photo despite the cliche' of the popped leg :)  It is very us and the downtown background is also very nice."  
What an ADORABLE couple and I can't wait for their September wedding!!  XXOO, Kristin

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