Julie + Mike = Married!

Congratulations, Julie and Mike!  Your wedding day was GORGEOUS and so much fun. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your celebration.  You two are so sweet and I love that you guys have so much love for all of those around you.  You are surrounded by so many amazing friends and family.  I knew from the first meeting with you, Julie, that your wedding day would be AMAZING and it definitely was that + more!  Julie, you looked absolutely stunning and SO happy.  Mill Top was gorgeous for such gorgeous and unique wedding pictures!!   had a blast getting to work with Lindsey and her wonderful crew from Ooh La La Events.  There were so many amazing moments from your big day, but a few of my favorite moments from the day:  Julie writing in the customized monogrammed journal to Mike for his gift and saying that you were writing in that every anniversary!  Hanging out with the guys in the "man cave."  You two going with the flow with the rain that day and making the most of it.  The anticipation and eagerness (and wiping the tears) with the couple moment on the stairs when you two saw each other for the first time, The amazing toasts to you two by Neena and Ron.the dancing moments where your buddies "attacked" you two and you two having fun in the photo booth.  So fun.  It was an honor to get to photograph your wedding.  II love that you two just enjoy being together and definitely love and cherish one another.  

Wedding Planner:  Ooh La La Events (Lindsey)

Florist-Silk Flowers and Vases for Reception tables: Darlene Ginder
Florist-Fresh flowers at church:  Adriene's Flowers
DJ:  Tim Glesing with Grapevine Productions
Hair/Makeup:  Chateau Bijou
Engagement Pictures:  Julie and Mike's Engagement Pictures 
Photographed by Kristin and Lori Thetford

Below are a few of my favorites from the gorgeous day and more about their love story . . . 
For Julie it was easy to realize when she found Mike to know that she had found 'the one.'  Mike and Julie met through a friend of a friend, so they didn't know each other. They started their relationship by emailing and texting.  It only took about two weeks of emailing before she decided she was ready to meet him in person.  So, they met for about 15 minutes on a Monday night as a way to help break the ice before the first date that Friday.  Fifteen days after they met, Julie started a private blog and kept it a secret from everyone.  She titled it "The One" and this was the first paragraph of the first entry (and P.S. This gives me goosebumps just thinking about!)  

"So, I've started this private blog as a record of my search for the one... You know, the one that makes it all worthwhile. The guy you can't live without. Your soul mate. At this point, I think I've found him. It will be interesting to record this journey and see how it all ends."

It only took Julie fifteen days after they first met to think she met the one.  Turns out she was right... :)

She'd have to let Mike tell his own story, but he was a little slower than her to jump in head over feet.  But that describes them perfectly.  Mike is thorough, methodical and ALWAYS reads the directions.  Julie goes with her heart, sees how she feels and only reads the directions if she doesn't get it to work the first time. Ha!
Julie and Mike have had such different schedules for such a long time, that they are now very faithful about having a date night once a week.  Because they have opposite schedules, they cherish that time together.  On their date nights, Mike and Julie will typically head over to a local pub in their neighborhood where they can hang out there all night, have some good food and hang out with friends.  They just like spending time with one another, and whenever they are together they have fun.  Julie thinks it sounds cheesy, but it's true and they like to keep things pretty simple.   They make each other laugh, they just enjoy each others' company and are so thankful for their time spent with one another.
When it came to the proposal, this made me tear up a little bit!  So cute.  Their proposal happened on Christmas Eve.  They had just stayed a couple of nights at Julie's parents house in her hometown a couple of hours away.  Mike and Julie were packing up to leave.  Julie's parents, her younger sister, her older sister and her family were all milling around the kitchen while they were gathering kids' coats, presents, etc.  Julie saw Mike had put on his jacket, but she just thought he was ready to start packing the car.  He followed Julie around the corner of the island and then she thought he dropped something.  Julie turned around and Mike was down on one knee holding the most sparkly ring in the world.  After over two years of wondering what Julie would do when he proposed, she surprised herself and said, "I turned into a total girl.  I started crying and just covered my face with my hands.  I don't know how long he was down on one knee, but I know it took me a minute before I finally stammered 'Yes!'."  For Julie's family, it was kind of a domino effect where Mike had asked Julie's dad for permission and her dad, her mom and her older sister knew he was going to ask.  They just didn't know when.  When it was happening, Julie remembers hearing "what?", then gasps and "oh my gosh" and "he's proposing", as they all realized what was going on.  It was such a special moment and Julie couldn't be more thrilled that her family was there to witness it.
With their wedding, there are so many things they are looking forward to happening.  The moment that Julie is most looking forward to on the wedding day is that special time when Mike and Julie have their first look, when they get to see each other for the first time.  They are taking a couple minutes before the wedding to see each other and have some private moments together.  Julie can't wait for that and it gives her goosebumps when she thinks about it.  She can't wait to see Mike in his tux, Julie can't wait for him to see her in her wedding dress and they can't wait to share that time together.  Just a quick moment, just the two of them before everything gets crazy.  They can't wait for that special part of their wedding day. . .And then the party!  They are looking forward to that too! :)  Lol.  Mike said that he's excited for the honeymoon!!!

Congratulations again, Julie and Mike!!! Thank you again for letting me be a part of your engagement and wedding day photos! I had a blast and couldn't be happier for you. If you would like to view Julie and Mike's wedding pictures, click on this link:


I hope you had so much fun on your honeymoon in St. Lucia!  Thanks again!  Enjoy married life. XXOO, Kristin

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