Courtney + Brice = Engaged!

Congratulations, Courtney and Brice!  I am so happy for you and honored to be a part of your engagement and wedding day photography.  I had a blast and loved getting to know you two better so far.  It was fun getting to go to Oliver Winery and Indiana University campus in Bloomington to where you two spent so much time becoming who you are as individuals and as a couple.  You two definitely have a love for each other and love of life.  It is fun to be around and you make an adorable couple.  Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photography and a little more about their love story . . . 
Courtney and Brice were high school sweethearts and are from very small towns in northwest Indiana. They actually first met when they were ten and played on the same team in the local soccer league. It was not love at first sight! Brice was the star of the team and Courtney left a lot to be desired in the athletic area. However, as they grew up, got to know each other again when they were 16 (even though they went to different schools in the county), they started dating at that time.
When it comes to knowing they had found the one that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives.  Courtney said, "This is a hard question. Ha ha.  We talked about it and even though we loved each other while we were still in high school and were very happy for many years, we both feel that a little over 2 years ago.  Courtney's parents got divorced and our love for one another was confirmed and when we realized this was the real thing.  That's when we knew that someday we would commit to spending our lives together. It was a horrible experience that took us both by surprise, but having each other's support and love going through something so hard was really what did it for us." 
Over the past few years, they have stopped buying gifts for each other.  For special occasions, Courtney and Brice love to do something fun instead like going to a concert or going on a trip. They love traveling together and find that getting there is half the fun. They love going on road trips and spending long weekends away. They also love going to concerts and sporting events, but their favorite is IU basketball games.  For their date nights, Courtney and Brice go on a date it's usually just going out to dinner together, which they love to do. Courtney thinks growing up in a small town with no restaurants really has made them love going out to eat. Their favorite place to go is definitely Buffalo Wild Wings. Courtney says, "I know, not very romantic, but neither are we. Ha ha. Wings, beer and an IU basketball game is a heavenly date night for us." 
When it came to their proposal, it was a great story.  Growing up in a small town there isn't a lot to do with your significant other when you're 17.  So luckily Courtney's parents lived next to a nature preserve that had ponds and hiking trails and lots of country fun for kids to get into. When they started dating, Courtney and Brice used to go out there all the time on the weekends. It was where they began and the nature preserve holds a special place in both of their hearts.  In July 2012, almost 6 1/2 years after their story began, Brice took Courtney back there and asked her to spend the rest of her life.  She loved that they were making new memories in a place that held so many for them from the past and thought it was perfect. 

After enjoying the engagement, they began planning their big day.  Courtney says, "Picking a wedding location was very difficult, because we aren't from here and we weren't sure if we wanted to get married at home up north or in our new home in Fishers. Ultimately we decided we want to get married in the place we are starting our life in. We are going to have the ceremony at the Fishers United Methodist Church where we've started attending and really reminds us of the community we had growing up. Then the reception will be at the Mansion at Oak Hill. I saw it when I first moved here and said "wow, that's where I want to get married someday". We both have always loved historic buildings with lots of character and it just felt like the perfect place for us. Also since we are having a winter wedding with cream and crimson it just really will go with our style.
For the wedding planning so far, Courtney say that so far probably picking the locations has been the most fun.  Because their locations were exactly what she envisioned for their wedding. However, Courtney thinks that dress shopping will ultimately be her favorite part, but hasn't done that yet. Brice says he doesn't really have a favorite wedding planning aspect and Courtney had to laugh and said, "Surprise surprise. Ha ha."  What they are looking forward to most on their wedding day is celebrating with all the people that they care about and have been with them through all of it. They are really looking forward to dancing the night away when all the stress and planning is done and they are just an old married couple enjoying married life. 


So fun!!! What an amazing couple. Thanks again, Courtney and Brice! If you would like to see more of their engagement pictures, please click on the below link to my Website:

I can't wait for your December 2013 wedding day!!  Congratulations and enjoy your engagement!  XXOO, Kristin

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