Bailey + Kyle = Married! | Indianapolis, IN Wedding

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Chase!  Your gorgeous fall wedding day was amazing with so many personal moments to make the day completely yours.  Since our initial meeting, I knew it was going to be a spectacular wedding and you definitely delivered.  You two are a gorgeous couple and, Bailey, you could not have looked more stunning.  I loved your anticipation and excitement and even being ready before Kyle!!  I loved all your attention to the details in getting the "most perfect and amazing day ever" as you said that day!  You deserved it.  The day with the gorgeous Indiana autumn leaves and outdoor photography could not have been more beautiful.  Thank you so much, Bailey and Kyle, for allowing me to be a part of your celebration.  Your bridal party was so much fun and such a blast.  Bailey, I loved that you changed before your first dance into the super cute wedding dress that was your mom's wedding dress that you guys had altered.  It was adorable and you could definitely dance easier.  You didn't seem to leave the dance floor, just as most of your guests didn't either.  I loved all the Indiana University details into your wedding day, because IU had so much to do with your relationship and where you met!  Your reception couldn't have been more fun!  Let's just say that almost everyone was on the dance floor and the two rounds of "Gangnam Style" and "This is Indiana" IU song got everyone to the dance floor.  Bailey and Kyle, you two definitely have a great love for each other, a strong faith and have have so much love for everyone around you.  Your hearts are amazing and so giving to everyone around you.  We are all so happy for you and know that you two will enjoy married life!!   I am glad you had so much fun in St. Lucia on your honeymoon!!  

Wedding Ceremony:  Castleview Baptist Church
Wedding Reception:  Hillcrest Country Club
Officiant:  Pastor Don Bartemus
Ceremony Coordinator:  Doris Lloyd
Pianist:  Cindy Romano (Bailey's childhood piano teacher)
Violinist:  Rachel Mossburg
Readings:  Pastor David and Pastor Terry Chase (Kyle's uncles)
Wedding Programs:  Lorraine Graham
DJ:  DJ Diamond Productions
Wedding Cake:  Slice of Heaven Cakery
Cupcakes:  Gigi's Cupcakes
Floral Bouquets and Boutineers:  Bella's Blooms
Hummer Limo:  Luxury Services
Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding Photography by Kristin and Jenny McCreary with Kristin Hornberger Photography

Spring 2012:  Bailey and Kyle's Engagement Photography in Bloomington, IN by Kristin Hornberger Photography

September 2012:  Bailey and Kyle's Engagement Photography featured in Society Bride

Here are a few of my favorite photos from your wedding day along with more about your love story . . .
Bailey and Kyle met at the beautiful campus of Indiana University on the Bloomington campus through mutual friends. Although neither of them were looking for a relationship at the time, there was something about each other that kept them wanting to learn more and more about one another. As Bailey was a freshman, Kyle, a junior at the time, showed her all around campus and helped her experience a few of the IU Campus: The IU Greek life of sororities and fraternities, Little 500, IU athletics (though not great but with incredible school spirit!), the shortcuts to her classes, and which restaurants were the best. With their friendship building, they both secretly felt there could be something more.  After the first few months of school starting, Kyle asked Bailey out on a first date, and nothing was ever the same. Date after date, Kyle eventually took Bailey on a walk one evening and stopped at a beautiful gazebo in one of the most beautiful spots on campus. There was the spot their relationship became "official," and 4 years later they are planning the wedding of their dreams!
Bailey and Kyle were so blessed to develop a wonderful friendship before they began going out on dates with one another. They were able to really get to know each other and, after discovering common interests of playing tennis, spending quality time with their families, holiday traditions, and, most importantly, their faith in Jesus Christ, they fell head over heels in love with each other.  Bailey and Kyle both knew the other was "the one" and knew they each had found the one they wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. 
There are so many things Bailey and Kyle have in common and so much they both enjoy doing together! Kyle and Bailey have joined a tennis league that rotates between various golf and tennis clubs in Indianapolis; As a couple, they participate in tennis matches, playing doubles against a variety of different people. They also have come to love visiting wineries, tasting and sampling different kinds of wines; Their favorite place to go is Oliver Winery in Bloomington, IN, close to the IU home campus on a nice day, because they take a bottle of wine and some snacks and sit together at a picnic table under the trees overlooking the pond, sipping their wine and talking about life! They also thoroughly enjoy the outdoors!  They take walks together and rock and swing on their back porches on nice, sunny days. Their favorite place to walk around and enjoy the day is IU's campus. They LOVE Christmas time as well, and Bailey and Kyle really like to spend the days leading up to the season window-shopping at the mall, looking at the Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music together. Dressing up and going out to eat at some of their favorite restaurants [discussed below] is also something they like to do together, and sometimes they just like to curl up on the couch at Kyle's apartment with a good movie. 
Kyle and Bailey have a very special place in their hearts for IU. When they were there, as well as when they come back to visit occasionally, they will return to some of the restaurants they ate at during their college years.  They especially enjoy the restaurants they had some of their first dates at! Some of these include Crazy Horse, where Bailey and Kyle each get a grouper sandwich, Malibu Grill, where they had their very first date, The Village Deli-IU's famous breakfast restaurant, and Square Donuts, which have some of the BEST doughnuts they have ever tasted and the best part-they are really shaped like squares! Kyle really enjoys trying different kinds of ethnic foods as well, such as Thai and Asian cuisine, and he also loves salmon; Bailey loves Mexican and seafood. In Indianapolis where they both reside now, they love Seasons 52, which uniquely switches its menu for every season. They really like to try out new places constantly!
When it came to choosing their wedding locations, it was always a priority for Kyle and Bailey to get married in a church.  As they each have grown up attending church every Sunday and believe their marriage should be one that is glorifying to God. But, with Bailey having just graduated from college and Kyle living in Indianapolis by himself, they have chosen a church they had occasionally tried to go to together when they could since 2010. Now that Bailey and Kyle are both in Indianapolis, they attend College Park Christian Church regularly. They have even joined couple's engagement sessions, which take place every Sunday for a couple weeks leading up to the wedding. However, as College Park has just built a beautiful new chapel, it is booked for 2012 weddings. Therefore, they were able to at least get a pastor from College Park to marry them at Castleview Baptist Church, which they really chose because it is about 8 minutes from the reception location and holds similar beliefs and values as their home church. The wedding reception venue search was a bit more extensive; They probably looked at about 10 different places, but they could not get the very first one they saw out of their minds, Hillcrest Country Club. Built many years ago, this gorgeous country club has an older, beautiful look to it with Spanish-style walls and ceilings; They loved the charm and elegance it presented. Hillcrest CC is also located in an area surrounded by gorgeous tall trees that will made for amazing pictures come the fall. 
As far as their favorite part of the wedding planning so far...Bailey and Kyle had a lot of fun looking at different reception venues, actually! It was interesting to see the difference between all of them in what they offered and how they looked. They also have enjoyed the cake tasting process!! Although they have really gotten into sugar-overloads it is very exciting viewing different cake designs and, most importantly, tasting the cake! They had their florist and DJ booked, so they were looking forward to picking out their songs, and Bailey had fun picturing how the flowers would look both at the ceremony and at the reception. They were most looking forward to registering!
The wedding planning process was a bit stressful for Bailey and Kyle! Fortunately, they had many of the important things done and booked in advance and were getting into the details as the get got closer. They both were most looking forward to and couldn't wait for their special day when all of the planning and excitement would actually, and finally, take place :) Bailey was really looking forward to the "first glance" photo poses she and Kyle will get to take together; She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress; It was so special for them to have a moment together before everything else starts. And I love that they didn't kiss each other during that special time after their couple moment and before the ceremony.  They really couldn't wait for the reception!  It was like a big family/friends reunion, as many of their family members rarely get to see each other, and their college friends have not seen one another since graduation. It was for everyone to be together, such an amazing time filled with love, fun, and memories that they will cherish forever. 
Their special "Couple Moment"/First look of the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony.  They loved this special moment with the two of them together.

A special note from bride's mom with a charm for her charm bracelet attached!!
The dress change!  I love that Bailey wore this wedding dress that was her mom's wedding dress.  They had it altered some, but LOVE it.  Super cute and great dress for dancing!  
 Recreated a moment from Bailey's parent's wedding day!!  :)
Bloomington/IU table names . . .
 I love the personalized Yankee Candle . . .
 Super fun seeing my engagement album displayed for guests to sign at the reception!  Love it . . .
Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Chase!!! Thank you again for letting me be a part of your wedding day photos! I had a blast and couldn't be happier for you. If you would like to view Bailey and Kyle's wedding pictures, click on this link:

I hope you had so much fun on your honeymoon in St. Lucia!  Thanks again and enjoy married life. XXOO, Kristin


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