Accent on Indianapolis: The Accents Event!

I LOVE Accent on Indianapolis!  Accent on Indianapolis is the Destination Management Company (DMC) of choice for hundreds of corporations, associations and conventions visiting the central Indiana area every year.  They have stood for market leading creativity, local expertise, flawless execution and personalized service. Their reputation is preceded by years of experience designing and managing all aspects of a program from airport arrival to departure and everything in between.  They do an impeccable job and I can't say enough about them.  That being said, they held their second annual dinner last week called "The Accents" that honors those key vendors and people that help them make it all happen.  I loved the "Alice in Wonderland" theme with amazing decor, creative menu and super fun characters.  It was an AMAZING event.  Shannon, Jeremy, Sarah, Kaylin, Kimberly and all the Accent on Indianapolis staff are amazing!!  Thank you, Accent on Indianapolis, for all you do for Indy.  It is an honor to be one of your Accents!  What an amazing crowd to be surrounded and mingling with.  Neil King with King Shots Photography photographed the spectacular event, so I didn't take too many photos.   It was fun just to get to enjoy the festivities.  Here are just a few highlights of their spectacular event that I took . . .   
Thanks again, Accent on Indianapolis, for an amazing night and for all you do!  XXOO, Kristin

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