Wedding: Wedding Prints & Books are Family Heirlooms

It wasn't long ago that Dean and I were planning our own wedding and it was very important to me to make our families love stories part of our day. We were both lucky to have parents and grandparents whose love for each other showed us how to love ourselves, and to celebrate this on our wedding day was a way to honor them and give thanks. This first started as a project to have their wedding pictures displayed at our reception, however it quickly turned into a fun way to reminisce and learn about their stories and their own wedding days.
You imagine your parents as just that, parents... they were never young, they were never so passionate and in love that that couldn't think of anything greater than marrying the love of their lives. But these pictures tell a different story, they share the image of two people madly in love, worrying about what colors to choose, where to hold the reception, what flowers to hold. You quickly realize how precious each wedding picture has become to the story of their lives, capturing every detail of the decisions they made for one of the most important days of their lives.

Seeing them in this way for the first time, I noticed Grandma looked gorgeous; she was itty bitty and didn’t have gray hair! Grandpa looked so tall and handsome; they made a beautiful couple.  I enjoyed looking at my parent’s wedding album and hearing their love story, and even what they were thinking when they chose peach and brown as their colors. As they each showed us their pictures and flipped through their wedding album pages, they shared their stories and what they were feeling during those moments. This was a special time in their lives and the reminiscing over their pictures before our wedding is a memory that stands out to me as a favorite in our wedding planning.
Weddings are such a celebration and amazing time in our lives. There is much love and excitement that weddings will bring. Pictures become priceless memories. Couples often ask themselves if they really need a wedding album. Wedding blogs that try to help a couple “plan” their wedding often suggest saving money by just having the photographer provide them with a disk of images. Is this really better for you, the client?
Why not just get the disk?
An image disk is important and each couple is provided one with all of your digital pictures. Along with the disk, you receive the copyrights to reproduce the images as you wish. Considering this, why can’t the couple just make their own album? 

Wedding blogs often provide a source for online companies that will show how easy it is to make your own album at a fraction of the cost by placing images into some of their pre-designed templates… if and when, of course, the couple gets around to doing it. Couples always have the best intentions to make their own albums, but life gets busy. There is the honeymoon and the thank you cards, and the settling in . . . then work, home, maybe even having kids. Everyday life happens and those good intentions can easily end up as a half started attempt to create an album of your own. So what is the benefit to getting a professionally designed wedding album?
It’s about preserving your investment
Your wedding images are intended to be presented in print form, and are processed in a way to optimize their beauty when viewed as professionally made prints. Quality handmade wedding albums incorporate professional image printing into the album making process. The professional album is made to last as long, if not longer, than the memories so that it can be passed down generations.
This is why you hire a professional photographer who has access to high quality, archival prints and albums.  It means every bit of your album from the pages, the prints, the glue used to bind the prints to the pages, the UV coating on top of the images, the fabric and thread used to bind the book, the base of the cover and the leather or fabric covering are going to look the same 50 years in the future as they do now.  Yes, you can print an album through a company on your own, but will they preserve the memories of your wedding beyond your lifetime?
It’s about your timeless love story
When the wedding day is over, and the cake has been eaten, your wedding dress goes into storage and the flowers wilt . . . those items have served their purpose. So what do you have left to remember your wedding day? You have your marriage, your rings, many memories, and the pictures. It is your choice on how you choose to display and honor those pictures. Your photos will live on, bringing joy to you and future generations as you relive the magic of your day. Bearing these things in mind, I believe it is essential that these timeless images, these amazing pieces of art that are so personal to you, be displayed in the best way possible: A custom-designed wedding book. Wedding albums truly become wedding books that tell the story and beginning of their new life together. An album will tell the story of your wedding like a box of loose prints or a disk of images never could. A professionally produced, high-quality wedding album showcases the emotions and memories of your wedding day in a uniquely designed narrative fashion.
We focus on designing an album that captures and tells the story of all of the details, emotions and people who shared your day with you! We want our brides and grooms to cherish their albums as a family heirloom that they can share with generations to come. It is timeless and will always provide you with a beautiful way to share your special day . . . which is the main reason that you wanted your wedding photographed by a professional to begin with.  
XXOO, Kristin

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