Favorite Things: Boudoir Photography Shoots

I LOVE Boudoir Photo Sessions.  They are great gifts for your fiance, surprise him with a little book, or just about feeling great about yourself and taking some gorgeous photos.  As I was recently asked by two brides about doing these sessions, I thought I would share my thoughts on Boudoir!  So fun.  Boudoir photography is all about making a woman feel beautiful.  Women love to feel gorgeous!  Boudoir photos are for any girl of any shape or size.  It's about creating an fun experience and producing some amazing, classy and sexy photographs that capture a woman's beauty.
You do not have to be a model or slim size to do boudoir photos.  As a general rule, most woman of any size want to look more slim and feel gorgeous.  If we can create photographs that do that, then we will create a product that woman will be proud of showing off to their friends and want to purchase.  Most women will tell you their insecurities within a few minutes of meeting them to do photos.  Therefore, as a photographer, it's our job to listen so we can put our clients in the best position, light and pose to accentuate their attributes and create the best possible picture of them.
I always want the women I shoot to do their hair and makeup.  Whether they do it themselves or have me line up the hair and makeup professionals to come prior to our photographs, hair and makeup is a must.  We want the woman to feel her most beautiful.  For me, I love a person's eyes.  I think they tell you so much about a person.  I recommend accentuating the eyes with a heavy mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, fake eye lashes or other makeup to play up the eyes in the photos.  Boudoir photography is becoming a new way to pamper yourself with a spa like treatment for yourself.  It is a way to just enjoy being a woman.
One common misconception, is that boudoir photography is about being nude.  I actually don't photograph nudes and require the special parts to be covered.  My favorite shots are those that show a woman's beautiful face and have a hint of sexy in there.  It is about capturing a great expression in the clothes the woman feels comfortable wearing.  Whether that be lingerie, pajamas, cozy shirt, sports jersey, husband's uniform, robe, cozy blanket, etc.  It is normal to be a little nervous.  But if the photographer does their job, they will capture you at your best.  You will have the sexy and classy photographs that will be a wonderful and gorgeous memory of the fun experience.  The photos are also such a great gift that he will appreciate for years to come.  The photos will make for great albums, gifts or photos.  It's all about creating a photograph that makes a woman feel empowered, sexy or beautiful.  I have done my job if I leave a boudoir photo session and the woman feels beautiful, right then...just as they are!
Most women feel a little intimidated when they are thinking about their boudoir session, because this is something that is completely out of their comfort zone.  While every boudoir photo session is unique, but here are some helpful hints to show you how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. 
What to Expect:
  • I will professionally and respectfully help and guide you through your poses and session in a comfortable and private environment.
  • You will no doubt be a little nervous about your photo shoot, but these nerves will subside and I will make you feel comfortable during your session 
  • I will choose the poses that will flatter your body type.  You may not love EVERY shot, but the goal is to find lots of your boudoir shots that you absolutely love.
  • That the shoot will remain at YOUR comfort level. You will be in control of how much skin you show.  I don't do nudes and require some cover.  Boudoir does not need to mean lingerie shots and I will be able to make you look sexy in even a pretty dress or a robe.  I want you to feel comfortable and will talk with you prior to go through your questions.
  • Your photos will remain private and make great gifts for your spouse.
  • I suggest bringing two or three outfit changes or ideas.  They could be favorite lingerie outfits, robe, simple black corset, fishnet stockings, baby doll lingerie, boy short undies, high heels, killer push up bra, themed outfit, sexy or edgy outfits that resemble an outfit you would see styled in a fashion magazine, etc.  You can even look online for a few ideas too!  Bottom line . . . find something you feel comfortable in!  
  • We have even done Boudoir Parties where you and your friends all have fun taking individual pictures and gifts for your spouse.  
  • I promise you will have fun!
So much fun.  I love these girls.  Such beautiful girls and I had a blast getting to photograph them.  If you are interested in scheduling or getting more information about a Boudoir Session, please let me know!  (kristinhornberger@gmail.com)  XXOO, Kristin

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  1. It’s true that there’s no greater gift that you can give your man, but a little piece of “you”. Although boudoir can ignite excitement of your partner, giving him a peek of you symbolizes your trust. And that is what makes this genre great.

    Barry @ArtOfSeductionChicago.com


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