Mama Wigs: Malts & Mixers Birthday Celebration! SNEAK PEAK!!!

All I can say is . . . WOW!  Happy 70th Birthday, Karol!  I had an absolute blast last night photographing Mama Wigs:  Malts and Mixers Birthday Celebration.  Karol, you are amazing, such a sweetheart and  so much fun!  Your energy and love of life is contagious.  You are surrounded by so many great friends and family that love you so much and I know everyone loved being able to celebrate with you.  

I always love photographing my industry event friends' events, because it is an honor to photograph super celebrations and help them!  But also, because I get to see so many vendors collaborate and work together to create an amazing event.  Everything to every last detail was outstanding, well thought out and amazingly executed.  Such a special celebration with lots of surprises and super fun moments.  It was an absolute blast and over the top in every way!  Great job to Mike and Rebecca for pulling of the surprise, coordinating an amazing event and bringing all of your friends and family together.  

I know Mike made a special mention to a great team last night, but a few that helped Mike and Rebecca make it all happen:
Dance Floor, Tablecloths, Chairs, Sashes and other Decor:  A Classic Party Rental
Invitations and Signs:  KB Designs
Venue, Staff, Catering, Beverages:  Ritz Charles
Lighting and Screens:  Evans Audio Visual

Great job, Mike and Rebecca, on all of your personal touches.  The event was amazing!  Happy Birthday, Karol!  Lots more pictures coming later, but here is just a sneak peak to a few to hold you over for now . . . 
It all started when the guests received these amazing custom malt cup invitations (by KB Designs) in the mail . . . What a way to start off the fun . . . 
What an amazing birthday cake!!  Great job, Amy, with Ritz Charles.  What fun . . .
 The Big Surprise!!
 And another huge surprise!!
 They got changed for their party!!  :)
 Great job pulling off the amazing party, Mike and Rebecca!  Love the new look . . .
Surprise visit from ELVIS!!!  
 What a special moment . . . LOVE . . .
Always the life of the party . . . 
Lots more photos later.  Happy Birthday and thanks again for letting me be part of it all!  XXOO, Kristin

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  1. Thank you so much Krisitn!! We had a great time and the photos are amazing!!


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