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Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson!  Thank you so much, Shelbi and Joey, for allowing me to be a part of your amazing wedding day!  Your gorgeous wedding on New Year's Eve was such a fun way to ring in 2013!!!  How can you go wrong with two people that love each other as much as Shelbi and Joey do.  I knew from our first meeting together, the engagement pictures at the Indianapolis Indiana's Victory Field, our preparation meetings and the second set of super fun engagement pictures at Joey's family farm in Illinois, that your wedding would be amazing . . . full of so much love, lots of details and fun . . . and you definitely didn't let me down!!  It was a spectacular day and I couldn't be more happy for you and your amazing families.  I feel honored that I was able to capture your love story!  I loved all the personal touches into the details that you incorporated the sod in your aisle (that tied in to the fact that Joey is in charge of all the grounds at Victory Field), the monogrammed items your mom provided, all the little goodies for the guests, the balloon drop and the waffles at Midnight for your guests, etc.  You both know who you are and aren't afraid to just be yourselves.  Love it!  I just love hanging out with you two, because you two are so cute, have such an amazing love of life and the love you have for one another is so awesome to see.  Thank you for letting me in to share your story.  Your hearts couldn't be more giving and thoughtful to all of us around you.  Shelbi, you are such a sweetheart and you looked absolutely gorgeous!!!  Joey, I love your fun personality and your loving family!  It means so much to give out hugs not just to you two, but also your family.  I just love all of them!!  The reception was a blast and you two have super fun friends and family!!  I loved the happiness you two find in each other and I loved seeing everything come together.  We are all so happy for you and know that you will enjoy married life!!   Have so much fun and enjoy on your honeymoon in St. Maarten!!   What a way to celebrate a super start to 2013 for me, all your family and your friends!!!  
Wedding Ceremony:  Ritz Charles Chapel
Reception, Staff, Wedding Cake and Catering:  Ritz Charles
DJ and Uplighting:  AMS Entertainment
Wedding Dress:  Vera Wang
Florist: Vicki with VS Designs
Guitarist:  Marc Imboden
Wedding Photography by Kristin with Kristin Hornberger Photography

There so many great photos from their beautiful wedding, but below are a few my favorites from Shelbi and Joey's wedding and a little more about their love story . . . 

When it came to their first meeting, they, oddly enough, met at Victory Field when a friend introduced them!  They spend a lot of time at Victory Field as Joey is the head groundskeeper at Victory Field.  I really loved taking their engagement pictures there because it was fun and because Victory Field is such a big part of their lives.  The grounds did look beautiful, Joey!  We can tell you have been busy.  :)
When it comes to their favorite "date nights" or some of your favorite things to do together, Joey loves pasta, so they eat italian a lot!  And they enjoy going to concerts, hanging with friends and family, and just hanging out together when they have the opportunity with their busy schedules!

When it came to the proposal . . . It happened on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.  Shelbi's birthday was Friday, January 13.  Joey told Shelbi that he ordered her present online, and that it was going to arrive late, on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Tuesday arrives and Joey tells Shelbi that UPS called and said her package was put on the wrong truck, so it would be delivered that evening to the house.  As the evening goes on, Joey tells Shelbi that a co-worker had asked him to stay late so he could go home and tend to his sick daughter.  At the time this wasn't suspicious, as Joey had been working odd hours due to preparing for the Super Bowl.  Joey called Shelbi to tell her he is on his way home.  She was STARVING while waiting on Joey to go and eat.  :)  So about 5-10 minutes after hanging up the phone with Joey, the door bell rings....it's the UPS man (or Joey dressed up as a UPS man)!!!!  He had a special delivery!!  Joey was standing at the end of the driveway dressed in a borrowed UPS uniform with several poster boards telling Shelbi he wanted to spend forever together!   

They started planning their wedding, shortly after and chose the Ritz Charles Chapel and Ritz Charles Ballroom because Shelbi knows the Ritz Charles has great service and they make sure everything is just as the bride wants it.  They love that everything for the ceremony and reception were so close and convenient, especially since all of Joey's family traveled to Indy from Illinois.  They chose to have a New Year's Eve celebration, because they wanted to have the wedding during Joey's "slower" season and love that they picked a date where Joey could remember their anniversary date.  Ha!  They have loved all of the wedding planning and looked forward to becoming husband and wife on their wedding day.  They loved being with all of our closest friends and family and having a great and fun night. 
Their Wedding Party . . . When you see the wedding party made up of all Stevenson's, this was planned!  As far as the Best Man goes, that honor went to the groom's brother, Josh Stevenson.  Having known Joey since he was 2 years old, there isn’t anyone that knows him better than Josh, aka "Jocko."  Growing up together it was common to find Joey getting beat in everything by his big brother, including getting beat up.  After nearly 15 years of constant fighting, Josh and Joey have become closer than ever.  Alesha, Joey’s sister, stood up with Shelbi.  Growing up as an only child, Alesha is like the "sister" that Shelbi’s never had.  They have grown pretty close over the last 4 years, and Shelbi is looking forward to the years ahead!!
For their honeymoon, they went to St. Maarten and stayed at The Holland House Experiences Beach Hotel.  Since they just became Advanced Open Water Divers, they were super excited to get to test out their shiny new SCUBA gear and the many other things St Maarten had to offer!
They looked forward to the big day, but most importantly they are looking forward to what comes now after the big day...LIFE!
 I love Shelbi and Joey!  :)
Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson!!! Thank you again for letting me be a part of your wedding day photos! I had a blast and couldn't be happier for you. We can't wait to see all that you two accomplish together.  If you would like to view Shelbi and Joey's wedding pictures, click on this link:


I hope you had so much fun! Thanks again and enjoy married life. XXOO, Kristin

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