Family Fun Time: Bubbles!

As I am sitting here and can't believe it is already February!?!?!  I thought I needed to post a few pictures of Owen and Gracie just hanging out, since I haven't in awhile.  On the cold snow days, one of our favorite things to do is play with bubbles!  Owen loves when it is "raining bubbles" and they both go crazy for them.  It always turns into a little bit of a dance party.  It is so fun to watch and how can you not continue when you hear their little giggles?  Hard for me to get a picture and blow the bubbles to their liking, so this is all I could get.  Hee hee.

Things are great here.  A little busy with everything going on, but couldn't be happier.  Owen will be three years old in March and, although is not a huge cake fan, he says he is excited for cake!  Probably just excited for the sprinkles that usually come along with cake.  :)  Gracie is one and 1/2, is getting bigger every day and saying all kinds of words.  She is trying to keep up with Owen and has her little hurdles trying to keep up.  I am so thankful to be able to do what I love and also be able to have so much family time and to watch them grow.  It is fun seeing their little personalities develop and how different they are becoming.  Here is us just hanging out on a regular day with it raining bubbles . . . 
I love our little munchkins.  XXOO, Kristin

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