Wedding Videography Importance by BC Productions!

Why Videography Should Not Be Overlooked 
Written by Brittany Christian with BC Productions

I love wedding statistics about videographers because they can be so shocking. The Wedding and Event Videographers Association states that, “Prior to their weddings, barely 50% of the brides listed videography as a Top 10 item. However, after the weddings the emphasis changed dramatically. A whopping 79% of the brides placed videography among their Top 10 items for wedding planning.”

Most couples over look videography for their wedding. They prefer the wedding photographer to the videographer either because of cost, shyness to the camera, or just did not think of wedding videography. Donna Clark, a client of BC Productions said this: "Videography only came up when a relative suggested that her only regret was that her wedding wasn't video-ed." Her family member had learned her lesson the hard way, and her wedding was not on video.

Videography wedding captures memories that photos cannot. They show the way the guests and family truly were on the wedding day. You will be able to hear the vows & readings you will want to remember! Also, a wedding video can be a great way to show to someone the wedding who was unable to attend – whether they were too far away to come, too sick to come, or your future children (not even born yet!). BC Productions is a Wedding Videography company that began with the mindset of filling needs for people and making memories that last a lifetime. Feel free to contact BC Productions about your special day!
Brittany Christian with BC Productions

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