Owen is 3 Today!!

Owen turns three-years-old today!!  I can't believe our little man is already three.  Crazy how fast time has gone by.  He is talking lots now and he and Gracie love holding little conversations together.  They are both so funny.  We had Owen's birthday this weekend and he loved being the center of attention this year!!  He loves his little projects and anytime we get him involved in helping us.  He told us this year for his birthday he wanted little dinosaur birds and even told us how big they should be.  Who knows where that came from?!?!  He remembers so much and would really be a hoot on "Kids Say the Darnest Things."  He keeps us cracking up.  He helped me make his birthday cupcakes and his favorite part were the toppings, "one for me, one for the cupcake, one for me, one for the cupcake, . . . He loved the little birthday note I left with this lunch and is proud to show it off.  He loves being outside, riding his tractor and anything that involves something with daddy.  He has brought so much love and laughter to our family.  Happy Birthday, Little O!  We love you so much.  XXOO, Mom, Dad and Gracie  
 Mimi and PaPaw got Owen and Gracie a super fun "Clubhouse" as Owen is calling it.  They love it.
 XXOO, Kristin

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