Tina's Headshots!

I had the pleasure to take Tina's Head Shots last week.  What a blast and such a sweetheart!!!  Here are just a few of my favorites from our photo shoot with Tina!

Why get a Corporate Headshot?  I always love taking head shots, because I know it is very important for my clients to be able to promote themselves on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. with a professional picture!  I have noticed an increased interest lately in business men and women calling to get an executive portrait or corporate headshot done for their social media profile page like LinkedIn, Face book and Google Plus as well as a great business and corporate image to put on their companies websites. It is becoming very commonplace now for a client to do research on you before they use your services and putting a professional and approachable corporate headshot of yourself online will help put a human face on your company to help them connect to you. Would you want a client to see an amateur-looking image of you online?, what does that say about you and your business?

Anyone who’s tried to use a personal image or attempted to take their corporate portrait themselves is well aware that they just don’t come out well, the lighting is off, the background is just not quite right, or something is just never right. I understand that there is more to a corporate headshot than just the technical aspect of lighting and exposure. I also wan't to capture your character, your personal essence and with that create an image that is extremely professional, elegant and classy.  I take quite a few, so you have a great variety and many to chose from, depending on where you want to use them.  Hiring a professional photographer like me will help capture the best image that you can offer and you can actually feel great about using!    Contact me to schedule a corporate headshot shoot for you!  I also offer headshot parties, if you would like to schedule a day for headshots for all of your co-workers and/or friends!!  
 XXOO, Kristin

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