Hosting Jesh De Rox at my Studio!

My friend and colleague, Josie Crowe with Crowe's Eye Photography, and I hosted international award-winning photographer Jesh De Rox during the Indianapolis stop on his Beloved Collective World Tour Seminar last night.  I am absolutely in awe and completely inspired!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have Jesh speak to not only me but 18 photographers last night in MY photography studio?!?!?  I got to see some old friends, but also meet many more new friends.  It's not everyday that I have the privilege to host so many amazing people at my office.  We had eighteen photographers from  four different states travel in to see him, and all left with so much inspiration and will definitely spread his Beloved ideas in practice and praises.  It was my first time to see him speak and to meet him in person and he is just as personable and amazing as all of the things I had heard about him.  To first meet him as he was tuning his guitar, talking to his aunt and getting an immediate hug, I knew I would love him already and that I was in for a night that would be unforgettable.  And that was an understatement.  
From the Beloved Collective website:  "In the Best of Both Worlds seminar, Jesh de Rox will be discussing and demonstrating techniques and tools that give photographers a simple and powerful way to evoke feeling during their wedding and portrait sessions, greatly enhancing their client experience & the value of their photographs."  

I left with so many "take-homes" from his seminar to apply not just to my photography, but also to my life.  I was laughing, I was crying, I was trying to take it all in.  He had so many personal touches, meeting his aunt, his stories, his playing guitar to his slideshow of pictures, his funny expressions and all things Jesh.  To say that my life and way of thinking was changed in just four short hours was definitely true.  If there are any photographers around while he is speaking on his world tour around you, you need to go see him!!  I hope to see him again for his seminar in October in LA and am going to, hopefully, make that all happen.  Attending and hosting the Jesh De Rox Beloved Workshop has already changed my outlook on photography and life.  I am grateful for the gift of his teaching, his Beloved ideas and thoughts.  Thank you so much, Jesh, for stopping in Indy to see your super sweet Aunt, Nanna and us!  Here are a few pictures highlights of the event . . . 
Thank you, Jesh!  XXOO, Kristin

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