Lucas Oil Estate Photographs!

I love when my vendor friends have an idea for a photo shoot and we get to get together just to take beautiful photographs.  So fun.  This time, we got to play, explore and take photographs on Lucas Oil Estate.   From the butterfly gardens, sports barn, pool deck, terraces, and numerous photography opportunities, we were like kids in a candy store.  I have so many great memories from the property, so it was so much fun to be back!!  Floral Designs and creations by the super talented Cathy and Akimee of Akimee Designs.  Amazing job by them, as always!!  Shauna was absolutely stunning for our photos.  Great job to Loni with 28 Star Studio for the gorgeous updo and Mary of David and Mary Salon/Spa for the awesome makeup.  It was such a gorgeous day for photos on the mansion's gorgeous grounds.  What a great ending as well, to top off the photo shoot by meeting Mr. Forest Lucas himself as we were wrapping up.  What a blast.  I can't wait for the next photo shoot!

Floral:  Akimee Designs
Hair:  28 Star Studio
Makeup:  David and Mary Salon/Spa
Photography:  Kristin Hornberger Photography

Here are a few highlights from our Lucas Estate photo shoot . . .
So fun!!! Thanks again! If you would like to see more of the Lucas Estate pictures, please click on the below link to my Website: 

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