Sush + Daichi = Engaged! | Carmel, IN

Sush and Daichi, you two are so much fun!  As Sushmita and Daichi live in Chicago, I do have to say that it so fun getting to catch up!  I am so glad it worked out for them to fit in the engagement pictures while they were in town!  Their personalities definitely came out and shined in our photo session.  They couldn't be more sweet and silly together and have so much fun together.  My face and cheeks hurt from laughing so much - It was so much fun.  What a gorgeous and super fun couple.  I absolutely can't wait for their late July wedding . . . It will be a wedding full of bright colors, Indian traditions and a lot of love.  Sush and her family contacted me a few years back when her sister-in-law who lived in Arizona found me online two years ago for their Family Photos.  I just loved them from the minute I met them!  They really are the most super fun, welcoming and amazingly sweet family that I just love and can't get enough of!  When Sush contacted me for her wedding photos, I couldn't have been more excited for them and to be a part of their day.  We all were so excited that the date worked out for me to be photographing their big day.  I can't wait to catch up with all of their amazing family and also to meet Daichi's family.  

Sush and Daichi, I had a blast taking your engagement photos and loved getting to learn more about you and your big day.  I just love you two!!!  It is an absolute honor getting to photograph your engagement photos and wedding day.  You are an amazing couple, Sush and Daichi, and I can't wait for your gorgeous and super fun wedding day!  Here are a few of my favorites from our photo shoot . . .
So fun!!! What an amazing couple. Thanks again, Sush and Daichi! If you would like to see more of their engagement pictures, please click on the below link to my Website: 


I can't wait for your gorgeous wedding day!!  Congratulations and enjoy your engagement!  XXOO, Kristin

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