Happy 2nd Birthday, Gracie!

I can't believe our little Gracie girl turned two years old on July 10th last week!!  We are doing a small family pool party later when we can all get together, but for her actual birthday, we had such a blast relaxing and playing with Owen, Gracie, Dean and I.  Here are a few of her cute personality traits and most recent "milestones" . . .
  • Gracie is our little squeaky and such a little stinker.  She is very independent and will tell you when she doesn't want to do something!  
  • Her hair is finally able to do pony tails and pig tails after spending the first 16 months of her life nearly bald.  She looks more grown up than ever.  
  • Putting together sentences and learning new words and phrases everyday.  A lot of them come from her brother!  Some of my favorites:  
    • Wanting her "green blankie" because Owen's calls his 'his green blanket.'
    • As soon as she gets up from her nap, she will ask "Where's Owie?" and starts looking for her little buddy.  Being only 16 months apart, they don't know life without each other!  
    • Singing "A, B, C.  Next time won't you sing with me" - she misses the whole middle part of the alphabet, but it is cute.
  • Wanted a "dollie" for her birthday and loves taking her for walks in the stroller and "rocking" and singing her dollie baby songs.
  • Her recent discovery of cheese puffs and her little dance when she learns we have them!
  • Loves shoes as much as her mommy and will wear my high heels around the house.
  • Loves to eat and savors her little bites.  One of only times she is ok to sit by herself usually involves having a plate in front of her.  
  • She is starting to form her own little opinions, but hasn't quite learned that she can't always have what she wants.  :)  
  • Got a "big-girl" toddler bed two months ago and doing great being a big girl.
  • Is having a tendency to be left-handed sometimes as of now, but too early to tell and we shall see.
  • Loves coloring and trying to do all that her big brother does.
  • Loves animals and wants to pet any she sees, including squirrels, rabbits and any birds she sees.  She loves doing animal sounds.  
  • Loves going down the slide and swinging.
  • Is our little snuggler and will cuddle with us when she gets sleepy.
She is such a sweet little girl and is full of wonder!  We love her so much.  Here are some favorite photos from the last two weeks . . . 
We can't wait to see all that our little Gracie will accomplish in life.  Gracie girl, you are our little squeaks and bring so much to our lives.  You test our patience sometimes, but you are our sweet little girl and such a cutie.  We love you!  XXOO, Kristin (mom), Dean (dad) and Owen (Owie)

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