Happy Holidays from the Hornberger Family!!!

As the holidays are here, I find myself wrapping, shopping, baking, cleaning, checking emails, sending packages, getting ready and trying to mark items off my To-Do-List for the upcoming Christmas events.  In the midst of all of the holidays this year, we also moved, so it really has been a busy and special year for us.  So we have had little projects everyday with painting and making our house a home.  With all the hustle and bustle, I do find myself trying to slow down to remember my faith and what the holidays are all about.  This is an awesome time of year, simple in origin, deep in meaning, beautiful in tradition, rich in memories, and charitable in spirit. This joyful season brings to each of us a measure of happiness and remembering the spirit of Christmas.  May you be reminded of all the most important things in your life this Christmas!!

For me, I love being able to have this special time to enjoy with family and friends, remembering old traditions and starting new ones with our little ones!  We visited Santa this year, and Owen and Gracie loved meeting him, riding the train, coloring and getting special snowflakes.  Owen Sat on Santa's lap, told him that he was a good boy, that he was three and Gracie was two-years-old, and told him what they both wanted for Christmas this year.  As Gracie was a little unsure and didn't quite warm up to Santa.  As we read the book, "Polar Express" tonight before bed, Owen looked at me and said, "Mom, this is my favorite book."  My heart warmed as it was always one of my favorites growing up as well.  I really look forward to Christmas this year as both Owen and Gracie know who Santa is, relate him with presents he brings and filling our stockings.  There are so many fun things we have been doing and the kids have loved it.  They helped me wrapped presents, Owen especially, and would take them to under the tree.  I don't think any of the ornaments within the kids reach under 3 feet are in the same place they once were because the kids like to take them off the tree.  Owen was funny at his Christmas program this year and stood with his hand in his mouth and when asked why he didn't sing, he says, "I don't know?!"  So Owen and Gracie both now go around the house singing "Jingle Bells" and, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" like they have been singing it for years.  Well, that is until we are watching them and asking them to sing and then they act shy and don't want to anymore!  Ha.  We made ornaments this year and they were a part of it all.  We have wrapped lots of gifts and can't wait to give them to our friends and family.  (Little Disclaimer:  To our family, if you get a gift that doesn't quite look right in wrapping, it was probably one that Owen helped!)  They are excited to leave Santa the cookies we are decorating and leave his reindeer the carrots and special magic reindeer food (the oatmeal and glitter!)  

Owen is a big boy this year as he turns four in March and has grown so much.  He is a sweetheart and loves getting getting Gracie to say new words or correcting her when she says or does something incorrect.  He is our little helper, loves his puzzles and seems to have a system or routine for everything.  Gracie is our sweet little girl and how big she has gotten and surprising is all with trying to keep up with Owen.  She has had a big year with getting a big girl bed and the fun times involved with potty training.  But we have been lucky and that they absolutely love playing together and we love that they get along most of the time!  When asked what they want for Christmas this year, Owen says "Super Heroes" and Gracie mentions "Princess Stuff."  Which goes along with their wish list for their bedroom themes.  We have the rooms painted in their appropriate colors, but haven't gotten much further than that in creating their theme.  

I love our family and absolutely love spending time hanging out.  I feel that I have hugged, kissed and appreciated them more than ever this holiday season, with all going on.  Dean and I tried for so long before we got pregnant, so we feel so blessed by them and enjoy them.  I still find myself looking at them and amazed that we created these little munchkins.  We love watching their individuality and little personalities starting to come out.  

Dean and I have both had super busy years and could be happier or feel more blessed.  Dean expanded Hornberger Imports, Inc., our vehicle repair shop this year and, as always, has been an absolutely wonderful husband and dad to our family.  I am a lucky girl.  I thank my lucky stars (and his parents) for him any chance I get!

I have been so blessed by all of my amazing brides and grooms inviting me into their lives to share their stories.  I have gotten to photograph my amazing couples at some gorgeous and fun locations and had the distinct pleasure of working with such great helpers, second shooters, amazing friends and colleagues this year.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends and I have truly seen the awesome things we all can do for one another when we all come together.  I get to photograph one more wedding in 2013 and have a few appointments and photo sessions, and look forward to a busy 2014!  It has been tough finding a balance with all the family time, being very involved on the ISES (International Special Events Society) board as the VP of Communications and the events, lots of marketing and networking, and building my photography name and brand.  I am super excited to have lots of new surprises and changes coming soon in 2014!  :)  It has been one busy 2013 and we look forward to 2014!  I feel so blessed with my business and family life to be doing all that I love.  I appreciate all the love and support from my husband, both of our families and our amazing friends to be able to do what I love everyday!  Without all of your support and love, I couldn't do all that I do.  

So this year in the midst of our move his fall, we threw in the family photo session. It was a crazy time, but I am glad we did - I love Indiana fall leaves and all of the colors. With two kids under the age of 4, we never know what is going to happen when planning the photo shoot. We talked to them before and had our little pep talk and all seemed to go well. Gracie had a graham cracker to keep her happy and we were joking that Andrea (Dean's sister who took our pictures) had a Twinkie in her pocket . . . Hey, whatever works to keep them happy! Thanks, Dee Dee, for these priceless pictures. I am so thankful!!! Owen is 3 & 1/2, turning 4 in March and Gracie is 2 years old. They are loving life, absolutely having a blast at the new house and can't wait for Santa! They keep asking every day if it is Christmas. Ha. They are going to be so fun this year.  We have a busy Christmas Eve and we absolutely can't wait!  Our busy day every year is Christmas Eve night and I always wish we could be two places at once!!  As I know that can't happen, I have to try to remember to relax and just enjoy the time we have with each of our families.  I do have to say, though, that I am looking forward to Wednesday with watching the kids see what Santa brings, eating my mom's leftover Spaghetti Casserole, watching the 'Christmas Story' and relaxing at our new home in our PJs on Christmas day!  I can't wait for the family time.  

We truly hope that all of you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer!  Hoping you can feel love, joy, and peace this Christmas season.  Happy holidays!  Enjoy!!  XXOO, Kristin, Dean, Owen and Gracie

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