Happy 4th Birthday, Owen!

Owen turns four-years-old today!!  I can't believe our little man is already four.  Crazy how fast time has gone by.  We had a birthday party with our families on Sunday and had such a blast.  It was an amazing day.  Last night Dean and I were talking with Owen over dinner and said, "Tomorrow is your birthday, Owen!"  His response was, "Again???!!!  I just had my birthday.  Am I five-years-old then?"  Ha.  Try explaining that one to a four year old and that we just had the birthday party a few days before his actual birthday.  "Nope, buddy, you are just turning four for real this time!"  :)  

Owen and Gracie have been so fun lately and are the best of buds.  Owen watches out for Gracie and really takes care of her.  He loves his little projects and anytime we get him involved in helping us.  He knows the letters of his name and is starting to recognize those letters.  His drawings are starting to look like something now and his coloring is becoming more impressive everyday as he is starting to stay in the lines more and more.  He has been really excited for spring this year and, as we all are, is done with the cold weather.  He loves being outside, swinging, riding his tractor and anything that involves something with daddy.  Today, we are at home, but plan to do a special lunch out, doing a few fun things, then home for dinner, presents and cupcakes.  Gracie has already been asking a few times if she gets a present, so his presents and her one present are wrapped and ready! He has brought so much love and laughter to our family.  Happy Birthday, Little O!  We love you so much.  XXOO, Mom, Dad and Gracie  

What a little S.T.U.D!

. . . and a party is not a party until you have tears . . . 

It is starting to become a traditional picture each year:  "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to . . . "

XXOO, Kristin

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