Your Favorite Engagement Photo: Erin + Todd!

I absolutely love Erin and Todd.  I had a blast taking their engagement pictures this past fall.  What a super sweet couple.  As I usually get to pick the "favorites," so I love hearing which pictures my brides and groom like the best.  I wanted to share Erin's favorite engagement photo!! 

Erin said, "This is my favorite picture of Todd and I.  It just captures us perfectly.  It's also sentimental because I'm wearing my grandmas bracelet.  Love that I can have a piece of hers that makes her still apart of the engagement pictures."

I feel so blessed to be a part of such special times in people's lives.  What an ADORABLE couple and I can't wait for their August wedding!!  Check out more of Erin and Todd's engagement photos: http://kristinhphotos.blogspot.com/2013/12/erin-todd-engaged-indianapolis-in.html

XXOO, Kristin

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