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Congratulations, Annie and Ben, on your engagement!  I do have to say that I am excited to post their engagement photo shoot slideshow of highlights on the Blog.  They couldn't be any more sweet, and it is an honor to photograph them.  I had so much fun getting to catch up with you and can't wait for their big day!  What a super cute couple.  I absolutely can't wait for their October wedding!  Thank you, guys, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding celebration.  It is going to be amazing.  So fun.  Above is the Slideshow of a few of my favorites from their engagement photo shoot.  Below are a few of my favorite photographs and a little more about their Love Story . . .

How or where did you two first meet?  We went to Cathedral High School together. Junior year we met through friends, and took an English class together. We started to hang out with the same crowd of friends. Went on one date senior year but didn't begin really dating until the summer after senior year, when we were preparing for college.

When did you two realize you had found "the one?"  I don't know if it was a realization that the other was "the one", but that we realized how much we genuinely care for each other, the comfort we gave each other, and how much we made each other laugh. When you enjoy the company of someone that much and they make you feel so good about yourself, I guess that's when you say they are "the one" for you. We realized that we didn't want to be without each other.

What is one of your favorite "date nights" consist of?  $5 movies early in the morning, when hardly anyone is in the theater so that I can belt out laughing or crying without embarrassment and then eating out after.  Ben loves to go out for Italian and I love Mexican. We don't have favorite spots just yet, still being newish to Bloomington we are trying all the places, trying to figure out our favorites.  The Tap has been frequented, we love to try different beers with our friends.

How did the wedding proposal happen?  The discussion of getting married and buying rings started before we moved in together. When we moved in together in July, Ben had made his decision. After shopping around a bit to see what we/I liked Ben had made a trip to Indy to "help his dad" and just happened to visit the jewelry store. He had already talked with my siblings and was going to visit my parents to ask their permission and show them the ring. Ben had been storing the ring in his sock drawer for 3 weeks or so, waiting for the right opportunity to ask. I am such a snoop and never saw it there. How did I never see it there?! Anyways, August 18th was a lazy evening of hanging out together. I was doing some online window shopping and asked for the ID# of the ring we had been thinking about purchasing just so that I could glance at it some more. Ben went to go get the card with that number on it from the bedroom. Instead he brought out the ring and asked, "Is this what you wanted?" Of course, I began crying, "Are you serious?" "Um...yeah. Will you marry me, Annie?" Then the usual hugging, kissing and excitement that follows continued. The next day wearing the ring, we met up with my parents to announce our engagement. He called his parents to let them know he had asked me finally. They had been waiting for that call for about three weeks, while the ring was hidden in his sock drawer, the most obvious hiding spot!  It meant a lot to me that he asked my whole family, parents and siblings. I thought that showed how well he knows me.

How or why did you choose the wedding locations you did?  We knew we wanted to get married in October. Just seemed like the perfect time of year for us; it's not too hot,not too cold. Fall time.  For the ceremony we chose Holy Rosary because of Ben's family connections to the parish. The Msgr. officiating our wedding baptized Ben and has been a family friend to the Stinnett's for years.  After visiting the Rathskellar and Atheneaum Theater, Ben (who has almost no opinions about the wedding) said how cool he thought the place was and how neat the reception could be there. I made the decision to run with him loving the theater. It was important for me to hear his opinion, since he is usually so nonchalant and go with the flow.

What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?  I don't know that I have had a favorite part other than getting to see it all coming together finally. We have been engaged for 2 years and finally seeing all the small things come together has been really fun. And getting to see my mom be excited about things is always great. I am the first girl to get married, so the excitement for the big day is a little different when you are the ones doing the planning. It has been pretty special getting to spend so much time with her.

What are you looking forward to on the wedding day?  I am looking forward to seeing the theater, I have put so much time in planning and decorating ideas, getting to see it all finished is going to be thrilling.  Ben is looking forward to seeing me in my dress.  We are both looking forward to celebrating the whole evening with our families and friends.

To view more of Annie and Ben's engagement pictures, click to their below special viewing page: 

XXOO, Kristin

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