Korie + Kyleigh | Newborn Twins Photography | Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to the world, Miss Korie and Miss Kyleigh!!  I loved taking newborn pictures of these twins!  What cutie pies. They made their debut in April with Korie at 6 lbs, 7 oz and Kyleigh 7 lbs.  They were so active and squirmy for the entire shoot and were not sleepy or snuggly for our photos, so we tried to capture their cute active little selves.  Stephanie, their mom, said that was how they were in her belly, so they continued to be themselves!  Hee hee.  They definitely love their mommy and daddy, but they really love being around each other.  They already have a special bond and are calmer when they are around one another!  

Because I specialize in wedding photography and only photograph Newborns for my return clients, I get so excited when they contact me for newborn photography!  It is such a special time in people's lives and an absolute honor to get to photograph photos shortly after the big arrival.  I love getting to capture photographs as they begin this new chapter to their story.  

Stephanie and Korie definitely love Korie and Kyleigh are amazing parents.  They are so sweet and I am so glad everyone is healthy and happy!!   The twins have two siblings they are joining at 6 and 10 years old, so Stephanie and Korie have their hands full.  As a mother of two myself, I can only imagine having to juggle all they have on their plate right now.  They deserve a medal.  What an amazing family.  I wish them all the best on their new adventure and growing family!  Below are a few of my favorite photos . . . 

To view more of Korie and Kyleigh's photo shoot, see their special viewing page:


Congratulations, Stephanie and Korie!  Enjoy your beautiful family.  XXOO, Kristin

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