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Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Moore!!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing wedding day!  I just love these two and their families and friends!!!! They have so much love for everyone around them and the most amazing hearts.  They are always thinking about everyone else around them.  I met Kelly in her wedding planning, but have had the distinct pleasure to get to see her at industry events and things over their engagement, so having the pleasure to see this wedding come together means all that much more.  I couldn't be happier for you two and I am extremely honored to be a part of your engagement and wedding photography! 

It was a spectacular and breath-taking wedding with gorgeous views, amazing details and elegance throughout the day.  Kelly was in her pregnant Mom's belly the first time she went to Disney and has been back close to 30 times since then!  Her love of Disney has also been incorporated to Taylor since he has been dating for so many years.  Incorporating Disney into those aspects of the day where they could was a definite must! I loved all the personal touches from the Disney items throughout the day, the gorgeous gold watch that has been used in your family since 1873, Father of the Bride mentioning Disney in his welcome speech, the amazing skyline views, the break in the weather for sun for your ceremony, the box of goodies for photos, sparkler exit and more!  Every detail was planned out and came together beautifully.  Kelly and Taylor absolutely loved the skyline views at the Indiana State Museum and I am so glad there was a window of great weather in there on Saturday for them and their beautiful photographs.  I couldn't be more happy for you and I feel absolutely honored that I was able to capture your love story!  What a wonderful team to be a part of for this wedding . . .  we love the happiness you two find in each other and seeing everything come together on your beautiful wedding day. I can't wait to see all that you accomplish as a couple. I know you will have so much fun and enjoy married life!!  I am so glad you had fun on your honeymoon in Disney and your well-deserved vacation!!  

Wedding Ceremony, Reception Venue and Event Planning:  Indiana State Museum (Erica Avila and Team)
Catering, Wedding Cake and Staff:  Kahn's Catering
Event Floral:  Oberer's Florist
DJ, Photo Booth, Lighting and Monogram:  Event One Disk Jockeys (Tony Schaab and Team)
Officiant:  Pastor Denny (Pastor D)
Kelly and Taylor's Engagement Photo Session
Wedding Photography by Kristin Hornberger and Lori Thetford with Kristin Hornberger Photography

Here is a little more about their Love Story:

  • How or where did you two first meet?  We first met through a mutual friend.  When we were 15 the big thing was to talk via AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).  We talked via AIM for several weeks then decided we should go see a movie together.  My mom said she would drive me to the theater and we joked the whole way over that if he looked creepy or wasn’t who I thought he was going to be, she was going to keep driving.   Obviously, that wasn’t the case and I got out of the car and we stood in line to get tickets for the opening day of the James Bond movie, “Die Another Day”.  After the night was over, we were officially a couple.

  • When did you two realize you had found "the one?"  Because we have been together since 2002, we never had an “a-ha” moment to tell us we had found the one.  By no means has our relationship ever been easy and we both continue to grow together each and every day.  The discussion of marriage started to come up about 4 years ago when Taylor moved back from living in West Lafayette, Indiana for a year.  We both realized that we never wanted to be that far apart from each other again.  We laid out a roadmap and decided there were a few things that needed to be completed before finally taking the next step.  I needed to finish my degree at Butler and find a job, while Taylor needed to find a stable job.  During the difficult times of completing our goals, we realized we were made for each other.  We also realized that we were completing these goals because we had each other.  We both knew that we didn’t want to go along this journey without each other.  We both continued to work hard to attain these goals and were able to cross the final goal off the to-do list in October of 2012, after being together and a team for 10 years.

  • What is one of your favorite "date nights" and favorite things to do consist of? For me, my favorite date night consists of hanging out on the couch, eating pizza, drinking wine, and watching sports or anything Disney related.  For Taylor, every night we are able to spend time together is the best date night ever.  Sometimes it is as simple as going out to dinner and other times we go and do something spectacular downtown.  Every time we spend time together he tries to create a memory that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  As evidence in both of our career choices in the hospitality industry, we love to see and visit cites around the country.  Our favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World.  My love for Disney began when my parents took me there for the first time at age 2.  Since then, I have been 18 times and am always planning the next trip.  While Taylor had to been to the Magic Kingdom with his family a few times growing up, he didn’t get to experience the entire “World” until 2004 when he went with my family.  Since then, his obsession for Disney has continued to grow and he gets just as excited as me while planning trips and talking about the history of the parks.

  • How did the wedding proposal happen?  Taylor knew that he needed to come up with something creative, deceitful, intimate, and extremely memorable, so he put a plan in motion and began preparing.  Taylor proposed to me while we were staying in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Resort at the Grand Ol Opry.  I am a huge country music fan and have always wanted to visit Nashville for the experience.  Once we finally arrived at the hotel, Taylor insisted on carrying the luggage (which had the ring stashed in it) and wanted to make sure we received an upgrade to a room with a balcony.  Looking back, I am not sure why I didn’t suspect anything.  Once we got settled in the room, Taylor took me out on the balcony and began to tell me why he loved me and that he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me, but he isn’t ready to take the next step yet.  He gave me a Pandora bracelet with a heart and while I was very excited about the bracelet, I am pretty sure the words out of my mouth were “O, thanks.”  After he had me convinced we were going to wait to get married, he told me to stand up so he could ask me a very important question.  He got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.  I said, of course and proceeded to cry and got so excited that I didn’t even look at the gorgeous ring he had picked out for me.  It was the perfect proposal and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

  • How or why did you choose the wedding location you did?  When looking for wedding venues, we knew that Indianapolis has so many great venues and didn’t know where to start.  I started by making a list of every place I could think of and looked at their websites.  I accidently found the Indiana State Museum and decided to go take a look.  I wasn’t expecting much, but boy was I wrong.  Once everything was explained to me, I began to in vision the way our wedding day will look.  After we stepped outside onto the canal and looked at the view, I was completely sold.  I took Taylor down to visit the following day and there was no swaying him toward any other venues.  It is perfect for us.  There is so much history in the modern building that we couldn’t imagine our day taking place any other location. 

  • What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?  While there was no doubt in our minds that we were the ones for each other, our favorite part of the wedding planning process has been asking each other the tough questions and really looking at our relationship.  We become more confident in each other’s love every day and can’t wait to continue growing our love for each other over the next few months and beyond.

  • What are you looking forward to on the wedding day?  For both of us, the part of the wedding day we are most looking forward to is the 5-10 minutes immediately after the ceremony where Taylor and I will sit and realize that we are finally married.  While we are very excited and humbled to be spending our day with those we love, we look forward to the realization that we are husband and wife!
  • There so many great photos from their beautiful wedding!!  Above is a Slideshow of Highlights of my Favorite Photos from the spectacular day, but below are a few my favorites from Kelly and Taylor's gorgeous wedding . . .

    To view more of Kelly and Taylor's Wedding Photography, click the below link to their special viewing site:

    Love these two and their families!  Enjoy married life.  XXOO, Kristin

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