Bride and Groom's Favorite Wedding Image: Molly + Chris!

I always love to talk with my brides and grooms to get insight into what I may be doing right, but also what I may need some work.  Part of that process involves asking my brides and grooms more about which photographs from the wedding were their favorites and why!!  It helps me to learn more about them and is really fun for me!  I usually am picking favorite photos and so it is fun to see which of the images are THEIR favorites!  After all, the wedding photos and all I do is for my couples!  They allow me to be a part of their wedding and invite me in to be a part of their family!  I love being able to share in all the celebration, tears, laughter and fun!

Molly and Chris are such amazing couple and so much fun!  I have had a blast every time I get to see them and absolutely loved photographed their awesome wedding in October.  I also love that I get to catch up with Molly at some of the recent Industry events!  :)  I loved learning more which photographs were Molly and Chris' favorite wedding photos.  When I asked Molly about her favorite wedding day photos, here is what she had to share (and I love that she shared a few images, because that is one of the harder parts of photography for me in narrowing down to just a few images!!) . . .

"Hi, there!  I have LOTS of Favorites!  :)  You did such a great job capturing it all.  I have attached several of my favorites!"  Love it!!!  "Groom's Flower - I am not 100% sure why I like this one, but I love that you can see the word "Groom" and it anticipates what is to come since it is still wrapped up."

"Picture of just me - I like it because I think I look happy.  It's nice to have a "fresh" picture too!"  (I think you looked absolutely gorgeous, Molly!!! XXOO, Kristin)

Me and my niece, Ellie - I just think it is sweet

Me and my mom - I think wedding days are so special for moms and daughters.  She helped me so much with all of the planning.

Chris and I walking out of the church - this is quite possibly my favorite picture.  We are both looking down with the exact same smile on our faces - we are happy but humbled, holding on to each other!

Girls looking down the aisle - I just think it is so cute and exciting.  I love that they cared enough to look down the aisle

Girls in dressing room - just an intimate, unplanned moment, which I liked!

Bouquet picture - I loved my flowers and loved this picture of them!  I like that you can see part of me, but not all of me.  I also like the red flowers in back.

All of the "downtown pictures" - I love all of these, LOVE them.  We look happy, and I like the background in all of the pictures.  

The last one here (the one you framed for me!) is my other very favorite!

"Sorry - might have been a little too much!!  :)  I have others too, but I figured 12 pictures were enough!!  :)  Have a good day, Molly Snyder (was Worthington :))"  

I love it!!!  Definitely not too much, Molly!  I could look at your pictures all day long!  Check out a few more of their wedding photos on the Blog:  

Wedding Ceremony: Second Presbyterian Church
Wedding Reception: Conrad Hotel
Wedding Catering, Dessert Buffet, Coordinators and Staff: Conrad Hotel
Florist: Enflora
Coordinator: Erin Bradburn
DJ: Jason Ryan with AMS Entertainment
Tablecloths, Chair Covers and Linens: Chris Lamar with Chair Covers and Linens
Wedding Photography by Kristin Hornberger and Lori Thetford with Kristin Hornberger Photography

They are just too cute together and I know are enjoying married life.  Much love, you two.  Thanks so much for sharing.  XXOO, Kristin

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