Rachel + Zane = Engaged! | Bloomington, IN | Slideshow of Highlights!

Congratulations, Rachel and Zane, on your engagement!  I had so much fun getting to catch up with you and loved photographing in Bloomington on a gorgeous fall day!  I do have to say that I am excited to post their engagement photo shoot slideshow of highlights on the Blog.  Rachel and Zane met at Indiana University and Zane still lives in Bloomington, so it was perfect that we go back to explore, laugh and photograph their engagement photos on campus.  I had an absolute blast getting to learn more about them and laughed lots.  You know when you meet someone and you feel so comfortable and feel as if you have known them for years . . . I have felt that way since I met Rachel and her parents, Janet and Chuck, for their original meeting.  When it comes to their love story, I had a blast learning more about them.  Rachel and Zane found each other when neither one of them was looking for a relationship.  He was in his senior year and she was young and independent as a sophomore.  After a couple years of dating, they had just been through so much and grown both individually and as a couple.  Their relationship had developed so much and they both knew they would be together forever.  With their busy schedules, they love getting to spend time with other another.  I had to ask about their favorite date nights and loved learning that they enjoy Mexican food and wine!  Many of their "date nights" or nights that they get to spend together usually include one or the other (or both).  So much fun!  The wedding proposal happened over a vacation where they went to Sanibel Island in Florida, where her family always vacations.  One night before dinner, they were taking pictures on the beach, and Zane "popped the question" and asked for her hand in marriage.  Rachel’s parents knew it was coming, as Zane gentlemanly and previously asked for their permission, and were excited to be there to witness it happening.  Rachel’s parents were able to capture the moment by taking pictures of the proposal on the beach as it was happening. What a great proposal!  I love that Rachel is really a planner at heart as it comes out in all the details and I can't wait for their wedding celebration! Rachel’s favorite part of wedding planning has been just imagining the day as it all comes together and they both are really excited for the reception to celebrate with their family and friends after all of the formalities are over!  What a super cute couple.  I absolutely can't wait for their wedding!  Thank you, guys, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding celebration.  It is going to be amazing.  So fun.  Above is the Slideshow of a few of my favorites from their engagement photo shoot.  Below are a few of my favorite photographs . . . 

To view more of their engagement pictures, click to their below special viewing page: 

I can't wait for their wedding day!  Enjoy the rest of your engagement.  XXOO, Kristin

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