Eiteljorg's Amazing Event Team! | Indianapolis, IN

Do you know the sales team at the Eiteljorg Museum?  You Should!  They are amazing.  Here are a few of my favorites of the photos we took of them . . . 

Sarah Bean, Director of Catering and Events at the Eiteljorg Museum.  

Heather Frank, Events Coordinator at the Eiteljorg Museum.  

Come to Eiteljorg Museum’s :: You’re Engaged! Now What? | Bridal Planning Workshop this Saturday, February 28.  I am so happy to be included on this amazing expert panel among my vendor friends and the team at the Eiteljorg.  

XXOO, Kristin

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  1. This is undoubtedly the most special party halls in Bay area . We had 6 passed appetizers with the Liguria table which consisted of steamed veggies and fruits and breads. I didn't even care that I'd just been to another feast less than 12 hours ago. I could not stop eating.


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