Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I love holidays!!  I love each and every one of the holidays for what they bring to our lives . . . a little time to reflect (even if just for a moment), to give thanks, think of others, and enjoy and appreciate those around us.  We don't have to wait for a holiday to be around to show those around us that we love them, but specifically on holidays, it doesn't hurt to stop and ensure that our friends and family around us all know how much they are loved.  Time flies by so quickly, but the awesome people around us add so much to our lives.  Dean and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary in May and I love him more every day.  He has been an amazing husband, awesome father and I thank my lucky stars every day for him.  Owen will be turning 5 years old in March and Gracie will be 4 years old in July!  For Valentine's Day at school, they each loved sharing their cards with each of their friends.  Owen had his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Valentines done, signed, sucker in them and each in a baggie the day he got them.  Gracie had Minnie Mouse Valentines and we didn't color on them until the last minute yesterday morning before we went to school to their party.  They had games, activities, coloring and loved putting their Valentines into each bag.  I am so thankful for an amazing school and wonderful teachers and why they love school so much. Owen and Gracie are our two little miracles and I am amazed by their little personalities and how much they grow with each passing day.  To say that time has flown by these last couple years and especially these last few months, is an understatement.  I am so thankful for the amazing family and friends that I have.  With as busy as things have been especially this week, I am feeling very blessed that my vendor friends invite me to their events to photograph them.  I am so thankful and feel so blessed!  From our family to yours....Happy Valentine's Day!  We love and thank you all!  

Thank you to my amazing family and friends!  I am so thankful . . . we love you.  Happy Valentine's Day!  

XXOO, Kristin

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