Houghtalen Family Photos! | Indianapolis, IN

What an AMAZING family!! I love when I get to a photo shoot and already feel welcome and want to give hugs as I leave! So much love between you all. You can tell were raised with lots of love and support to be yourselves. With your parents being married almost 42 years, it definitely shows you have parents that really want you all to shine. I love all the personalities shining through as we started taking photos. Some of these photos I felt myself laughing and wanting to add a caption to them . . . usually with the words "HA!" I have always loved Eric with the constant giggles and upbeat personality. I thought you guys were so much fun and I can see where he gets his love of life. I love it and love your family! Enjoy each other. Here are just a few of my favorites . . .

Love your family.  Thanks again!  XXOO, Kristin

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