Erin + TJ = Engaged! | Indianapolis, IN

Congratulations, Erin and TJ, on your engagement!  I had so much fun getting to have fun and photograph you two!  We took these awhile back, so I am excited to share them and I can't wait for your wedding celebration in Michigan later this fall!  What a sweet and absolutely amazing couple.  Could you two be any more adorable together??!!!?  I love the balance you two have with one another and there to blend your strengths to come up with an even stronger end result.  Could Erin be more cute...I love her infectious love of life!  TJ, love your creative side and always making us laugh.  Thanks for taking care of one another as you are wedding planning, working, transitioning to Michigan and enjoying your everyday life.  I had a blast meeting Gus, the pug, as well!  What a great dog - I think he loved the sunshine and gorgeous day as much as we did.  Love you, guys!  Here are just a few photos from their engagement photo session . . .

Thanks again, Erin and TJ, for allowing me to be a part of your engagement photography.  To view more of their adorable engagement photos, click the below link:


I can't wait for your gorgeous wedding day in Michigan.  I am excited to celebrate and honored to capture your day!  XXOO, Kristin


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