Syanda + Erich = Married! | Indianapolis, IN

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Feist! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your absolutely amazing wedding day this weekend!  Every detail was STUNNING!  It was a spectacular and absolutely breath-taking wedding with personal touches, amazing details and elegance throughout the day.  I just love these two and their families and friends.  They have so much love for everyone around them.  I couldn't be happier for you two and I am extremely honored to be a part of your engagement and wedding photography!  I couldn't be more happy for you and I feel absolutely honored that I was able to capture your love story!  Here is a little more about their Love Story ...

  • How or where did you two first meet?  We first met in 2011 due to work
  • What is one of your favorite "date nights" consist of? “Date Nights” are usually pretty impromptu due to work so anytime we can grab dinner on Mass Ave. or have Sushi Sunday with friends is considered a “date.” It’s hard to go wrong with a well made Manhattan or signature bourbon cocktail. “Date nights” are always fun, but we honestly enjoy just watching Jeopardy…typically with laptops out and working.
  • How did the wedding proposal happen?  Erich said he was going to make dinner at home the night he proposed. I had no idea it was happening but when I got home that evening the screen door on the back porch was locked (which NEVER happens). Once he opened the door I realized the pocket door in the kitchen was closed to the dining room and the cat was “trapped” in the basement and I knew something was up. When I walked in the dining room there were candles and old books (many of which have family/sentimental value) arranged in the words “Marry Me” in front of a roaring fireplace. He went down on one knee and said “will you?” Once we were eating he confessed that he had put the cat in the basement because he had visions of her catching on fire with all the candles. She’d totally be that cat.
  • How or why did you choose the wedding locations you did?  We’ve both seen so many weddings/events that it was really about choosing places that we enjoy. Erich loves racing so Dallara Indy Car Factory was an easy choice. The ceremony location is going to be a surprise and we’re very excited about taking our closest friends and family to a location we doubt most have seen. 
  • What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?  Since many of our guests are friends from “the industry,” it has been fun to come up with something not everyone sees all the time.
  • What are you looking forward to on the wedding day? Syanda: I’m pretty excited to see Erich’s face when he sees “the dress” for the first time. I’m obviously biased but it’s a pretty fantastic dress.

I love them and couldn't be more excited for them. It is an honor to photograph.  Both being a part of the event industry, I knew this wedding would be amazing and it was even more spectacular than I thought.  My first wedding at the Crown Hill Gothic Chapel and it was gorgeous.  Dallara looked breathtaking and I loved the eclectic elegance with the mixture of tablecloths, chairs, tables, candles, decor and floral.  What a wonderful team to be a part of for this wedding . . . we love the happiness you two find in each other and seeing everything come together on your beautiful wedding day. I can't wait to see all that you accomplish as a couple. I know you will have so much fun and enjoy married life!!  

Getting Ready,Wedding Ceremony:   Crown Hill Gothic Chapel
Wedding Reception:  Dallara IndyCar Factory
Decor, Lighting, Details: Erich (Groom) and Team at Evans Audio Visual and WOW Factors
Event Floral, Design, Styling and Details:  Gene Huddleson and Team at Detail+Design
Event Planning and Coordination:  Erich, Syanda and Gene Huddleson
DJ:  David Z
Catering, Staff and Desserts:  Ritz Charles
Transportation:  Accent on Indy, a DMC Network Company and Team
Officiant:  Brandon Schrock
Wedding Photography by Kristin Hornberger and Lori Thetford with Kristin Hornberger Photography

There so many great photos from their beautiful wedding, but below are a few my favorites from their spectacular day . . . 




What an adorable couple and amazing wedding celebration!  To view more of Syanda and Erich's images on their special wedding viewing site, please click the below link to their images . . . 


Enjoy married life, Mr. & Mrs. Feist!  XXOO, Kristin

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