Tori + Matt = Married! | Indianapolis, IN

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Brauer! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your absolutely amazing wedding day this weekend!  I just love these two and their families and friends!!!! They have so much love for everyone around them.  As Tori's sister said during her maid of honor speech, "They have found the perfect person for each other to go on adventures with for the rest of theIr lives!" Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all. Enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii... Your first adventure together as a married couple!  I couldn't be happier for you two and I am extremely honored to be a part of your engagement and wedding photography! I love It was a spectacular and breath-taking wedding with personal touches, amazing details and elegance throughout the day.  I couldn't be more happy for you and I feel absolutely honored that I was able to capture your love story!  

A little more about Their Love Story ...

·         How or where did you two first meet?
We met while we were at Purdue University, we met playing pick-up soccer, Matt is a striker and I'm usually on defense. Matt is an amazing soccer player, very fast and basically unstoppable. When we first started playing together, I made him so nervous I stole the ball from him every single time. HA! His friends teased him to no end. He has since gotten over that nervousness, unfortunately, and it is much harder for me to win :)

·         When did you two realize you had found "the one?"
Matt knew first. He kept asking me things like: what if I asked you to marry me? I would awkwardly laugh and ignore him. I clearly was not ready for such talk, but he kept asking! I specifically remember we were at another friend's wedding in a vineyard the summer of 2013 when that changed. We went on a little walk together to get a break from the dancing, and he stops me to tell me how much he loves me. Something clicked. Next time he asked, "What if I asked you to marry me?"  I told him, “Why don't you ask me and find out.”

·         What is one of your favorite "date nights" consist of?
We love being outside, adventures, and food! Some of our favorite dates are going hiking, climbing, running, swimming, anything active. We also love a restaurant with good wine.

·         How did the wedding proposal happen?
We were at my parent's condo on the lake in Michigan City, Indiana, for a weekend just the two of us! We'd been doing long distance for 2 years at this point, so a weekend without anyone else around was really special. He had this whole plan - secretly laid out flowers in the sand dunes to spell "Marry Me," and he would lead me to these flowers during a sunset walk on the beach. Unfortunately for Matt the dunes all look the same, and he LOST THE FLOWERS, ha ha. At this point I knew something was up, he was panicking as we were speed walking around the dunes. We finally stumbled across the flowers, but we came at the wrong angle. To me it looked like flowers haphazardly strewn about - I couldn't see what they spelled. Matt didn't realize, and was so just happy and relieved the flowers weren't blown away or stolen, he forgot about the whole engagement part and just kind of excitedly pointed at them going, "eh?", "yeah?". I was like "are you proposing or what?" He finally put me in the right spot, got down on one knee, and of course I said yes!

·         How or why did you choose the wedding locations you did?
It's in between our two families, Chicago and Cincy, also we went to Purdue so we love Indiana!

·         What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?
Going on outings together to look at different venues, meet vendors, take our engagement photos :) Basically hanging out together with fun activities.

·         What are you looking forward to on the wedding day?
The thing we are most excited for is the actual ceremony. We already live together and know we will spend the rest of our life with each other, but there is something very special about making that promise publicly, in front of everyone we love most. That brings me to the second thing we are most excited for, seeing everyone we love! We have family and friends coming in from all over the country and abroad. Some of these people we talk to via phone or Skype regularly but only get to see in person once a year, having a big party with all of them together is going to be an absolute blast!!!!

I love them and couldn't be more excited for them. What a wonderful team to be a part of for this wedding . . . we love the happiness you two find in each other and seeing everything come together on your beautiful wedding day. I can't wait to see all that you accomplish as a couple. I know you will have so much fun and enjoy married life!!  

Getting Ready: The Alexander Hotel
Wedding Ceremony: St. Malachy Catholic Church
Wedding Reception:  Canal 337
Catering and Staff:  Thomas Caterers of Distinction
Event Floral:  VS Designs
Officiant: Father Joe Feltz
Hair and Makeup: Wild Horses Salon
Pianist: Linda Francisco
Wedding Photography by Kristin Hornberger and Lori Thetford with Kristin Hornberger Photography

There so many great photos from their beautiful wedding, but below are a few my favorites from their spectacular day . . . 

What an adorable couple and amazing wedding celebration!  To view the images on their special wedding viewing site, please click the below link to their images . . . 


Enjoy Hawaii for your honeymoon and enjoy married life, Mr. & Mrs. Brauer!  XXOO, Kristin

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