Thanksgiving Thankfulness!

Happy Thanksgiving!  For me, it's about family time.  With the everyday hustle and bustle, it is so fun to relax, be thankful for what we have and enjoy one another.  At our family get-togethers, we have a tradition at my mom and dad's family dinners after the prayer to go around the table and say what we are thankful for and it is always a fun time.  This week we have celebrated life and a baby on the way.  In the same week, we have also suffered a loss of an amazing woman in the Hornberger Family.  Grandma Pat Hornberger was such an amazing woman and I love the Hornberger family.  She was always in the know of dates, of kids, grand kids and all. She remembered everything!!! I really loved when she would correct Grandpa. All the stories and memories of the family...always over food, drinks and laughter. I love memories of the cabin. Her love of poker and her always full money bag. Having married into the family, I loved going through her wedding photos when we were getting married and finding out more about their wedding. We picked an image to use of them in a very amazing old car of them looking young, happy and in love. I remember telling her how lucky and honored I felt to be marrying into her amazing family. We have called Grandma and Grandpa Hornberger "Grandma and Grandpa Meatball" for the last several years.  It all started when Owen's word for "Meatball" and "Grandpa" sounded like the same word a few years back.  Hence, they will always be called our Grandma and Grandpa Meatball.  I think it is hard to explain certain things to Owen and Gracie in terms they can understand.  But I realize their little hearts really are so big.  Gracie said she was going to miss Grandma Meatball and that she is going to dream about her.  Owen kept asking questions about Grandpa and what he was going to do because he didn't want him to be lonely.  I told him we would all be checking in, giving him hugs when we saw him and bringing him dinners as we could to hang out with him.  Kids and their thoughtful hearts . . . they definitely make life amazing.  So many emotions this week on the roller coaster of life.  But that being said, it makes me all the more thankful for those things we have!  I have to take a moment to mention a few things I am thankful for this holiday season . . .

1) An amazing family!  My husband is such a thoughtful and amazing man.  I thank my lucky stars for him everyday.  Owen and Gracie have an amazing dad.  I can't believe that Owen is going to be 6 years old in March and that Gracie turned 4 years old in July this year.  Yes, the kids have their moments when they are both testing my patience, but I absolutely love being a mom.  I love those special moments when the kids do something new, give me hugs, blow me a kiss, smile or say they love me without me saying anything first.  We love you, Owen & Gracie!!  I am so appreciative of our families and how much love and support we have around us.  I appreciate all the love I have in our families.  

2) I am so thankful for such an amazing network and friendship for so many wedding and event vendors around me.  It is because of all of you that I am where I am.  I love being able to work and be surrounded by so many amazing people.  I have been involved in the ISES (International Special Event Society) Indiana Board of Directors and it has been such a great experience and I love all of my friendships I have created.  I love getting to as many industry events as I get to throughout the year.  I love learning more about others’ and, ultimately, gaining more friends along the way.  

3) My awesome brides, grooms, clients and friends!  Without you guys, I wouldn't get to do what I love.  It is because of you, your love and friendships that I get to do what I do!  Capturing those special moments is what I love to do and I treasure that I get to be there to be a part of those.  I am so appreciative of all of my awesome clients and friends!!    

4) The little things in life!  I am so thankful for all the blessings that I have and how thankful I really am to have the little things in life . . . heat, home, love and wonderful family and friends.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  Life is so precious.  Let us all be reminded to be grateful for all the people, family and blessings in your life. As life gets crazy, busy and unexpected, I try to think about what we can do for others.  Giving to those who really need something...what will you do for someone that they can't do themselves?  Let's go out of our way this holiday season to ensure someone else is taken care of.  Dean and I are looking forward to spending time with our families with lots of hugs and hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with those you love!  We wish you safe travels and wonderful times this week with the Thanksgiving festivities. 

XXOO, Kristin and the Hornberger Family

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