Jason's Bar Mitzvah!

Mazel Tov, Jason!  What an amazing weekend with you and your family. It was spectacular and super fun. I loved all the fabulous details and super fun sports surprises.  What an adorable and very sweet family.  Jason's mom, Sue, along with help from Anne Rogers and their teams did an amazing job putting all the details together.  The weekend was a blast . . . from the spectacular families, lingering fall colors, college basketball theme, and the non-stop dancing . . . it won't be an evening any of us forget!  It was an absolutely fantastic weekend. Congratulations and enjoy, Jason!  Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend . . . 

What a blast!  To view Jason's viewing website, click the below link.  What an amazing family!  Thanks again, Sue and Russell family.  It is always a pleasure.  

XXOO, Kristin

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