Happy 1st Birthday, Gracie!

Happy first birthday to our sweet little Gracie girl!  We can hardly believe you are now one year old.  Today (July 10th) is a quiet day just hanging out at the house with the family and we have a little party this weekend.  It should be fun and as she likes most foods put in front of her (and loved Owen's birthday cake in March), I think she will gobble up her own birthday cupcake.  It really has been quite a year and we love watching you grow.  Your little personality is starting to show up and you are definitely going to be walking and be even more mobile very soon.  I am not sure if Owen yet likes how you can get into "his" things, but he is going to love his little playmate.  Your current words are:  Hi, happy, momma, dadda, yes, no, and you are always coming up with a few more.  Your sweet little "Hi" in a whisper still cracks us up.  You even said "Hi, da-da" yesterday with the two words together and we are hearing and seeing new things every day.  Here are a few highlights from your first year . . .

Thank you, Gracie, for adding so much to our lives.  We love you!  XXOO, Mom, Dad and Owen

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