AMS Entertainment Open House @ WeDo!

I had such a blast tonight at AMS Entertainment's Open House tonight at the WeDo! Professional Centre!  It was so great to meet all the AMS staff and have fun with all of them.  You can't go wrong with the AMS photo booth, casino games, yard games and air brush tattoos.  You guys are amazing and such a great team.  There was lots of fun, food, music and hanging out with vendor friends!  What a blast.  Thank you AMS for your great open house!  

Thank you, AMS Entertainment!  A few vendors that helped with their open house:

Cupcakes:  Classic Cakes

I absolutely LOVE getting to have my office as a part of the WeDo! Offices, because everyone there is just so awesome.  Events like these just confirm how much I love being a part of the WeDo! family and how blessed we all are to have so many great vendor friends.  Thank you to everyone who came out!!  XXOO, Kristin

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