Favorite Things: Dueling Bridal Parties!

At Stacey and Tatchi's beautiful wedding, we took pictures on the downtown circle and as it is a popular spot for photograph, we encountered another bridal party.  We took advantage of the other bridal party being their for a little fun and we had a blast taking the "Dueling Bridal Party" pictures!  Rather than walking away from the other bridal party, our bridal parties "embraced" each other and indulged both photography teams to capture the duel.  What fun for both brides and grooms to have these super fun and unique moments captured with their wedding day photography.  Love it and had to share for this segment's "Favorite Things."  Here are just a few photos of Stacey and Tatchi's wedding and their "Dueling Bridal Party" . . .
I think Tatchi's son, DK, came out the winner!!!!  :)
XXOO, Kristin

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