Happy 3rd Birthday, Gracie!

I can't believe our little Gracie girl turned three years old on July 10th!!  We did a family pool party at Mimi and PaPaw's pool when most of our families could all get together.  For her actual birthday, we had such a blast relaxing and playing with Owen, Gracie, Dean and I.  We had a few days of celebration after our July 4th week long vacation.  So it has been a fabulous birthday month!  Here are a few of her cute personality traits and most recent "milestones" . . .
  • Gracie is our little squeaky and such a little stinker.  She is very independent and will tell you when she doesn't want to do something! 
  • She now picks out her outfits and doesn't let me have a say
  • We got her hair cut earlier this summer to make it easier to manage her "I don't want to put my hair up" attitude on those hot days. 
  • She always loves pink and purple and anything princess.  
  • She loves campfires, s'mores and catching lightning bugs when she gets to stay up late.
  • She loves swimming and loved getting to celebrate her birthday in a pool.
  • Gracie loves the Beach and asks all the time, when we get to go back.  
  • Her teachers say she is quiet at school, but at home, she doesn't stop talking!
  • She loves music and when we aren't watching she will sing and dance.
  • Loves shoes as much as her mommy and will wear my high heels around the house.
  • She is finally getting past the potty training stage, moving to be a big girl and I couldn't be happier!
  • Loves to eat and savors her little bites.  One of only times she is ok to sit by herself usually involves having a plate in front of her.  
  • She is starting to form her own little opinions, but hasn't quite learned that she can't always have what she wants.  :)  
  • She loves bubbles and is having a blast with her new bubble machine
  • Loves coloring and trying to do all that her big brother does.
  • Loves animals and wants to pet any she sees, including squirrels, rabbits and any birds she sees.  She loves doing animal sounds.  
  • Loves going down the slide and swinging.
She is our little girl and is full of wonder!  We love her so much.  You test our patience sometimes, but you are our sweet little girl and such a cutie.  Here are some favorite photos from the family birthday party this Sunday . . . 

We can't wait to see all that our little Gracie will accomplish in life.  Gracie girl, you are our little squeaks and bring so much to our lives.  We love you!  XXOO, Mom, Dad and Owen

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