Your Favorite Engagement Photos: Laura + Joel! | Carmel, IN

I always love to talk with my brides and grooms to get insight into what I may be doing right, but also what I may need some work.  Part of that process involves asking my brides and grooms more about which photographs from the engagement and wedding were their favorites and why!!  It helps me to learn more about them and is really fun for me!  It helps to know about their favorite engagement photos before their wedding too!  I usually am picking favorite photos and so it is fun to see which of the images are THEIR favorites!  After all, the engagement and wedding photos and all I do is for my couples!  They allow me to be a part of their wedding and invite me in to be a part of their family!  I love being able to share in all the celebration, tears, laughter and fun!

Laura and Joel are such amazing couple and so much fun!  I have had a blast every time I get to see them and absolutely can't wait for their October Wedding!  I loved learning more which photographs were Laura and Joel's favorite engagement photos.  When I asked Laura about her favorite engagement photos, here is what she had to share (and I love that she shared a few images, because that is one of the harder parts of photography for me in narrowing down to just a few images!!) . . .

"This is one of my favorites. Joel and I went back to the park a week after the session and the flower my ring was on was the only one that was still in full bloom. Good sign of things to come!"

"Another favorite because Joel is teaching me sign language (his mom is deaf), and we always sign "I love you" when we can't say it enough."

"This one is classic of our personalities: Joel acting cheesy and weird, and me laughing and loving it. It's how he won me over."

"This one...well...makes me look skinny!"

Love it!  Thank you, Laura and Joel, for sharing!  To View More of Laura and Joel's Engagement Photos, click to view their special viewing page:  


Can't wait for the wedding.  XXOO, Kristin

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