Published: My Quotes and Photos Featured on Borrowed and Blue!

I am super thrilled to say that a few of my quotes and photographs were recently published in the "Indianapolis Wedding Photographers Explain Their Styles" Article on Borrowed and Blue!!!  Every photographer has their own style and own personalities.  Here are a few things I shared with Borrowed and Blue about my unique style:

"What do you have left to remember your wedding day by? You have your marriage, your rings, many memories, and the photographs. It is your choice on how you choose to display and honor those pictures. Your photos will live on, bringing joy to you and future generations as you relive the magic of your day. I focus on the details, emotions, and people who shared your day with you! We want our brides and grooms to cherish their photographs and albums as art and family heirlooms that they can share with generations to come."

"I blend a photojournalistic style with a little traditional/classic style with an emphasis on composition, lighting, and background. I place subjects together in an interesting environment and encourage them to relax and interact. I give some direction, but want them to be relaxed as well to then smile, be themselves, and enjoy the day with the people they love."

Kristin Hornberger tells us she captures "some of the spontaneity of candid photos while offering the technical control of posed shots. I am capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding and fade into the background when I can, but there are times that need direction and a keen eye to capture the photograph and vision you would like."

Please check out the Full Blog Post Featured on Borrowed and Blue to see more:


LOVE IT!  XXOO, Kristin

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