Perfect Wedding Guide Highlights @ The Bridgewater Club!

Thanks to the Indianapolis Perfect Wedding Guide (PWG) and The Bridgewater Club for hosting this week's amazing luncheon on Wednesday!   It was such a gorgeous, super fun and great lunch.  Amazing job to Ryan, Tammy and PWG crew!  Thanks to Mike, Paula, Jamie and the whole team at The Bridgewater!  Gorgeous room surrounded by many vendor friends.  Thank you!!  We all enjoyed this great luncheon.  HUGE thank you to those wedding professionals who had a part in making the luncheon so special and such an amazing event . . . 

I always love the Perfect Wedding Guide Events, because it means getting together with all my wedding industry vendor friends, and getting to meet more great people! It was a super fun event with lots of networking, yummy lunch and mingling.  You can't go wrong with gorgeous tables, scrumptious lunch, all while being surrounded by amazing people!!  Thank you to everyone who helped with anything involved in the event and for all of those that attended.  I always wish I had time to talk to you all.  I didn't take too many photos as it was fun to get to enjoy the lunch, but here are a few of the highlights from the PWG luncheon . . . 


Always looking forward to the next PWG Lunch!  XXOO, Kristin

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